Practical information

  • President (2019) : Section closes in 2019

  • Schedule : Wensday 18h - 20h

  • Place/Clubs : Supaero sports field


Come to the Baseball section, an original and easily accessible sport from campus! You will be able to perfect your throwing of ball in this new club!

 2017 Appraisal

The ISAE baseball club is a relatively new club. However, the club seems to be getting more and more serious. Despite the lack of a coach, active members are disciplined. Training always takes place except in case of heavy rain. Interest in baseball at ISAE seems growing. This can be seen by the interest of the 1A for the mandatory baseball course on Monday.

Achieved objectives:

- Ensure a correct level at throwing and receiving the ball
- Master the main rules of the game
- Ensure that each member is able to hit the bat correctly
Objectives to work on:
- Improve ball throws and receptions
- Improve the general level at bat
- Continue to recruit new players, because at baseball we become better as we are more!