Practical information

  • President (2021) : Tatiana Torrico Claure (

  • Schedule : Tuesday 18h - 20h (beginner/medium) ; monday 18h - 20h or thurday 20h - 22h (swing medium/experienced) ; monday 20h - 22h (latino medium/experienced) ; friday 20h - 23h ("bal" medium/experienced)

  • Places/Clubs : MDE (beginner/medium), UPS gymnasium (medium/experienced)

2019 appraisal

I. Course for beginners

From September to December, the dance club organized 6-stroke rock lessons,
west coast swing, salsa and waltz taught by two teachers from the Garden of association
dance and for beginners. They take place every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. We have
counted about eighteen regular members to these courses, of which only 1A, and a large majority
masters and 4A. The lessons are always a moment of relaxation during these weeks
busy and the teachers are interesting, pleasant and advance the
club members.

II. Course for advanced

Advanced students continued to attend at Paul Sabatier University, as
they had the right under the old convention.

III. Evenings at ISAE-Supaero

One of the new activities proposed by the dance club this year is the evening
dance within the school. The first will take place on January 10, 2020 and will be open to outsiders.
It will allow newcomers to gain self-confidence during a dance evening and
have fun dancing the dances they learned with their friends.


The dance club will complete your training at supaéro. It is inconceivable to leave the school without even knowing how to dance. Come learn rock, cha-cha, waltz, west coast swing and many other dances with quality teachers. Ballroom dancing does not tempt you that much? No problem, you can communicate with the other members of the club to organize training sessions in other styles.

Facebook group: fanatic dancers ISAE

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Passionated teachers

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New : lessons are for girls too

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Many possibilities to dance in Toulouse