As part of your sport with the AS you may be the victim of an accident or to be the author.


The members are sensitized to the utility of taking out a personal injury insurance as part of their sporting practice.

If the accident occurred during a FFSU training or competition, here is the declaration form to complete. Be careful, you must send it to Mutuelle Des Sportifs within 5 days of the accident!

FFSU accident report


If the accident occurred as part of the "classic" sport practice with the AS, the FFSU license insurance can not apply.


On the other hand :


If the injury did not occure during a FFSU competition and did not involve anyone else, only the member's personal injury insurance, if he has one, may be involved. In this case, the steps must be followed by the member directly with his insurance.


If the injury did not occure during a FFSU competition and involved someone else, the liability insurance of the AS may be seized in addition to the personal injury insurance of the athletes concerned, if they have taken out one.


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