Each member has the possibility to be refunded either 1 expensive sport and 1 half-expensive ; or 2 half-expensive.

Expensive sports: skydiving, paragliding, glider, ULM, private pilot license, and scuba diving.

Half-expensive sports: kite-surf, ski and snowboarding, mountain, climbing+canyoning, sailing, horse riding, gymnastic, windsurfing and surfing.

 The AS makes two types of reimbursements: for travel expenses and expenses incurred for AS (having paid a referee, having purchased equipment ...)


As part of the practice of certain sports your trips can be reimbursed. To do this, follow the procedure below at an AS permanence :

Before departure (one week minimum), you will need to :

  • Register your car at least 5 days before the trip (to do so, click here)​

  • Provide a list of participants

  • A detailed estimate of costs,

  • Mileage record (mappy.com screenshot)

At return you must provide:

  • Report,

  • The list of students, signed by each participant who made the trip,

  • Summary of actually incurred expenses + proofs (invoices, motorway tickets ...).


In many cases you may have incurred in payments for the AS; for example, you may have paid a referee, made a purchase of equipment after validating the invoice or any another case.

Some sports are reimbursed by the AS. This requires to ask for the refund before one month after the end of the last service performed.


The reimbursement form must be completed and signed before being checked by the Sports Manager during a AS permanence. Then, the treasurer of the AS will give you the check.