Practical information

  • President (2020) : Léa Scheveiler (lea.scheveiler@student.isae-supaero.fr)

  • Schedule : Sword: Tuesday 19h - 21h and Thursday 19h - 21h and foil : Wednesday 18h15 - 20h30 and Friday 19h - 21h

  • Place/Clubs : Union sportive de Ramonville


If you want to discover or pursue a physical and intelligent sport, a sport of precision and strategy that seduced its practitioners for more than five centuries, Supaéro fencing section opens its doors!

We practice the sword at Union Sportive de Ramonville and the foil in partnership with the Fencing Circle of Muret. If you are interested in the practice of saber, the section president will be happy to show you a suitable club.

Each club offers two training sessions per week and we train with the other members of the club, which ensures a large number of opponents of very different levels. The clubs also give us the opportunity to participate in competitions of the French Fencing Federation.

The sessions :

Tuesday 19h-21h
Thursday 19h-21h


Wednesday 18h15-20h30
Friday 19h-21h

Links to our partners:
Fencing circle of Muret: https://escrime.muret.free.fr/
Union Sportive de Ramonville: https://usr.escrime.free.fr/

2019 Appraisal

Evolution of the number of registrants:

At the beginning of 2019, the club had 6 active members distributed as follows: three 1A and three 2A and at the end of this year, it now has 8 active members distributed as follows: two 1A, one 2A , two breaks and three 4A

Tournaments carried out this year:

We performed the TSGED fencing section, which consists of a team tournament, for the first time in the three weapons, sword (7th), foil (4th) and saber (7th).

Summary of the tournaments of the weekend of 17-18 March 2018

Central Lyon Challenge
  Three fencers were present for this tournament in Lyon: Guillaume Bonnin, Antoine Monnier and Antoine Clément. The first 2 shot in a sword and finished fourth and second respectively! So great performance on this individual competition :)
(Antoine Clément had to shoot in foil while he is a swordsman so it was hot for him)

Tournoi Supérieur des Grandes Ecoles de la Défense
Alfred Carpene, Benoît Gai and Pierre Seeleuthner took part in the team competition in foil and sword, with a victory in foil against the school Val-de-Grace and a victory in the semifinals against the X!
We will just ignore the sword competition.
We expect to come back strong next year with at least one team in foil and a team in sword! In any case all this is a good omen for the TOSS in May !!

2017 Appraisal

The club took part in the Centrale Lyon Challenge with two foil and two swordsmen. In this competition at very different levels the results were satisfactory since our foilers were placed in the first 7 (including a 4th place) and one of our swordsmen reached the second round (10th).

We also participated in TOSS Supélec with this time a shooter engaged in sword.

2016 Appraisal

The club took part in the Centrale Lyon Challenge organized by the eponymous club of the Centrale Lyon school. We hired two florists and a swordsman. The level was sparse as there were a few junior fencers and fencers competing on national circuits. The results were however up to par since a florist and the swordsman reached the top step of the podium.