Practical information

Women's Hand 2017 Appraisal

Operation of the club:

The women's team trains two hours a week, Thursday from 18:30 to 20:30, with their coach Christophe NADAU.

Some Sunday evenings, hand-held sessions are organized but gather quite few people since September. From the beginning of the year, however, the first small handball training was set up pending the arrival of the coach, thanks to the motivation of a few people from team 1. These sessions have really gathered a lot of world (more than 20 people, including a dozen first year).

Since the start of the season, for the girls, the matches are held on Tuesday, in different gyms in Toulouse, despite my request to the FFSU manager to put them on Monday or Wednesday. Indeed, Tuesday is a problem this year: the women's team has the habit of having their coach, or at least one member of team 1, to coach them and give the changes during the match, but this day there, Christophe Nadau coaches team 1 now, and team 2 also often matches. We will refer the request to the FFSU manager for the next phases to put the matches another day.

For the coach, the difficulty is to adapt to very different levels, since the team includes 4A, which have several years of handball behind them, 2A and 1A which, for the most part, had never touched a hand ball. The 1A are 7 this year, with six 2A and three 4A: the team has a better level than last year, and the 1A progress quickly, although they are not all so diligent. Caring is very present all year round between the more seasoned players who advise and encourage beginners, whether in training or match.

The quality of training seems to me quite satisfactory, Christophe knows how to adapt to different levels, offers various exercises, and the training is more intense and physical than last year at our request.

The club has hardworking and motivated members, who appreciate not only the sport itself but also the team spirit that prevails among girls as well as boys and between the two.

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Men's Hand 2017 Appraisal

During this year, Team 1 had strong ambitions and saw-tooth results. The absence of coach during the 2016-2017 season has been restrictive but the problem has been solved. The involvement of players is a key factor and it would seem very interesting to propose a niche of 2 hours of training for team 1 which would allow a preparation to match the ambitions and abilities of the team (the gym being in free general at the end of training on Tuesday evening at 21:15). Having failed to qualify for the Super-Excellence Championship the goal for the rest of the season will be to be undefeated.

For Team 2, another defeat in the final this year on promotion, players focused on the desire to create a team from little and move forward Since September, failure in qualifying for the next level, the goal will be the first place in promotion.

2016 Appraisal

A very positive season report for the SHB, which places all his teams in the championship final.

The title of Super Excellence for team 1, and second place of honor for team 2 and the women's team.

Inter-regional Match in Bordeaux 02/2016


eam 1 of the SHB was moving today (Thursday 11/02/16) in Bordeaux to challenge the INP Bordeaux in the "handball temple of Bordeaux": the BEC (return to the source for coach Alain .1976 )
Final of the Toulouse-Bordeaux inter-region to receive the next round.
The team must do without Thomas, Samuel and Quentin, unavailable for this meeting.

Here we go for 60 minutes of handball:
Defense 5-1 for us, a good introduction, despite some oversights in defense. Florian started very strong on his wing and scored the first 5 goals of the team alone. Good start for Paul in the cage but he gives way to Arthur in the 15th minute. Big comeback: scotch at 6m, and parade on the long distance shooters for the Wall. The attack barely a bit, Tib misses a chab 'on penalty but we stay in touch on the scoreboard. Following the injury of an opponent who fell to the ground at the feet of Louis (fragility), the team equalized and went ahead at halftime: 11-10.
The coach puts back the systems in attacks and changes the defensive device: taken in strict of their leader by Tib.
Second half: Defensive change works well, but still some defensive errors leave the opportunity for opponents to pick up at 14-14. In attack there is better even if our gunner Louis stumbles on a good goalkeeper. Yes but Tib puts the 7m at the bottom, Louis scores in an empty cage, Dorian score in the counterattack, Raul intercepts and runs to the goal, we find Cédric (pivot of the day) who turns the opportunities into goals, Arthur continues the stops and disgust the shooters who begin to water ... We dig the gap up to +4 to 5 minutes of the term, and defense 3-3 improvised by the opponent will change nothing, they will not come back.


This victory allows us to play the next round (1/8 finals) against the second in the Montpellier-Marseille region at home!

Victory of hand M against TBS1 February 23, 2015

On Monday night Team 1 played at Cosec Cerdan against Team 1 of the TBS with the firm intention to unlock its meter and demonstrate all its qualities so far unseen!
It is therefore with envy and a lot of application that the team starts the game. The players are involved, especially in defense where we get many balls, thanks to the counter numbers 2 & 3 and stops our goalkeeper. However we make shine the guardian of the TBS, of a correct level it is necessary to recognize it.
Little by little the team makes the hole and the exit of the goalkeeper for injury makes it easier to score. We arrive at half time with the impression of dominating the debates overall, but the advance is not exceptional either.
In the second half, we change defense with the setting up of a 5-1. The impression that there is left is that we will have to work on the training, we were rather lost at first.
The match ends with our victory 24-20. What to remember from the match: the motivation and the aggressiveness on the ground found! Now we will have to play even more released on the field, including attack and work his duels to be more successful in defense.
See you on March 3 for our next match against Paul Sab, with the desire to continue our recovery!
The team also wishes to thank all the supporters and supporters present at the match, this solidarity and camaraderie is a pleasure to see!