Joining the AS allows you to enjoy the many sports offered by Supaero.

To do so, the following documents must be provided to the AS :

  • A medical certificate (less than a year old). If you have already been a member in a previous year, it is not necessary to make a new certificate, just complete this questionnaire.

  • 40€ (or 60€ in order to have access to the gym) paid by check (to : AS ISAE-Supaéro), cash or Lydia.

  • If you wish to have access to the weight room, the gym form signed

  • If you wish to have access to the squash room, the squash form signed

Of course, any registration must be accompanied by a careful reading of the rules of procedure.

You can give in these documents during any AS permanence

In order to participate in university competitions, you must also take a  FFSU license.