Practical information

  • President (2019) : Club not to be continued in 2019

  • Schedule : Free

  • Place/Clubs : Free

Kayak at  ISAE

Have you always dreamed of facing the surging waves of the Garonne and pushing your limits? The basin of the Ramier island invites you to kayak down the artificial rapids of the Garonne! Thanks to the AS canoe-kayak and the CKT (Canoe Kayak Toulousain) club, you'll be able to get into the water, test the white water and get off the rapids, with the fierce desire to retry the descent every week ! If you have never practiced water sports paddling, do not panic! The professional kayakers of the CKT will be there to teach you to sail on still water and give you the basic rules before throwing you in the breaking waves ...

At the end of the year, an unavoidable and expected event, white water outings in the Pyrenees, bursts and challenges guaranteed! The more adventurous will have something to push their limits, and nature lovers will be just as satisfied! If you're not afraid to get in the water, join us on Thursday afternoon for 2h of course at CKT, sport and fun will be part of the Garonne.

While waiting for the thrill, watch the video of the club: