Practical information

Kite at Supaero

Friends riders, we are waiting for you to come and enjoy our wonderful outings and take bowls of anthology! With the beginners and professionals windsurfing spot of France at 26 minutes, with crazy weekends in the Mediterranean, our sessions with friends will be the best of our life.

2017 Appraisal

Operation of the club

The kitesurf section of Supaero allows all Supaerians to learn kitesurfing and progress in practice safely. The outings take place on weekends in one of the most windy places in France: the pond of Palme in Port Leucate. The section uses the Ebkite kitesurf school to provide classes and loan materials. The section could not get kitesurf equipment given the price of the latter. Accommodation is usually at the campsite of La Palme. Kitesurf is one of the most expensive sports in Supaéro. The sports association takes care of the accommodation and transport up to 50%. The practice of kitesurfing by itself to 2/3.

The operation of the section is specific to wind sports. 8 places are reserved for each weekend of the season. In practice we are very dependent on the weather conditions to practice safely and so every other weekend is canceled.

For the 2017 mandate, the club was able to start and continue the practice of kitesurfing to 37 people.

Outings made

We were able to do a total of 7 weekends out of the 13 originally planned.6 were canceled because of the weather. The weekend of 27/28 May had to be canceled for budgetary reasons. Thanks to the extension obtained in October the club had the necessary amount to finish the season. Weekends have generally been very dense weekends: two kitesurf sessions per weekend.

Moral report

We stayed at the campsite Palme which limited the costs in accommodation. Savings have been achieved by promoting full-day sessions; which allowed to realize a 7th weekend and to offer the practice of the kitesurf with the greatest number.

The students all progress in practice, the groups were heterogeneous in level. Ebkite was able to meet the demand by dividing the groups at each session. Importantly, some Masters and 2A were able to learn the practice and kitesurf club has made many people join the AS. On the other hand, the week-ends of 2 sessions allowed accelerated training of the members by minimizing the costs on the move. To have witnessed this, there is no doubt about the progression of the members. Indeed all have at least been able to take control of the kitesurf board if it is not starting to sail.

All the budget allocated to the kitesurf club was used.

In conclusion, this mandate is a real success and fulfills all expectations of this club, to discover the sport to Supaero students and allow those who have hung to continue their training to be autonomous.

2016 Appraisal

Among the members in training this season, 6 of them had made a weekend in September (the only start of the year that has not been canceled). This weekend had been an initiation or a second discovery for some, and all decided to continue their efforts in this sport by becoming regular members.
This season has also been the opportunity to make 7 introductions to Kitesurfing. Members who received this initiation at the beginning of the season have also become regular members, and those who have received it recently have expressed a desire to return.
Finally, the progress of all members is no doubt to have witnessed. It should be noted that during this season, 3 of them have passed courses for hire, believing that they could now continue to progress without the supervision of the Kitesurfing teacher.