Practical information


Dance ... gym ... and above all, a group of sporty girls ready to represent their school at major tournaments such as the European Aerostudent Games, Supaerowing, Supont'Heros and the Centrale Lyon Challenge.

Cheerleading activity early 2018

The month of March is announced charged for Supaero Cheerleaders! On the 10/03 the cheerleaders and pimpims danced just before the focus organized by Supaerowing! The pompoms of the IPSA were also present to offer a beautiful show to all rowers! :)


On 24/03, just two weeks later, Supaero's pompoms were back with a longer and more impressive show for the European Aerostudent Games competition, against the pompoms of ENSMA, ENAC and Madrid ! The level was really good, and Supaero came in 3rd position!

2016 appraisal

11-12-13/03/2016 -> Toulouse : Supaérowing

17-18-19/03/2016 -> Toulouse : European Aeronautics student Games

31/03/2016 -> Toulouse : race against cancer - Cheer Up

02/06/2016 -> Toulouse : Solinage