Practical information


Roller hockey at ISAE

For all levels, from the beginner to the good skater wishing a sport of contact and address, until the confirmed hockey player. Whether you want to discover this atypical sport or continue to express your passion for hockey, the Supaéro roller-hockey club is for you.

2017 appraisal

Recruitment results season 2017/2018

The roller hockey club was a small club last year, including 2 2A and 6 1A. This year, we recruited 2 1A and 1 AST at the beginning of the year, as well as a doctoral student from ONERA from ISAE ENSMA, who holds 5 ex-1A out of 6, and 1 ex-2A out of 2 ( until February 2018). However, the 2 1A interested at the beginning of the year have definitively withdrawn. As a result, no 1A this year, and therefore no Prez Roller-Hockey for next year. That's why we thought with the Prez Baseball to name a Prez US, which will manage the baseball and will be just indicative for the Roller Hockey (which will be managed by me until the end of the year and the 4A returned gap next year). This will allow the club to remain present among the AS clubs. Moreover, training always takes place with ENAC, which also did not have 1A recruitment this year. So we are essentially between "old".


Successful projects during the year

The improvement projects were essentially aimed at giving the club a university sporting dimension by working for the creation of a FFSU championship. It is now done since a championship was created recently, including 3 teams: Supaéro, ENAC and INP Toulouse. The matches will take place between January and March 2018. If the number of teams remains limited, this is a decisive first step that will launch the initiative for the coming years, hoping to attract 1 or 2 more teams . In addition, we also thought it would be interesting to establish a partnership with the team Hocklines Toulouse, currently in National 1, to stimulate the growth of this sport in the universities of Toulouse, and to be able to attend some of their games. I did not have time to take care of this partnership but I intend to look into S4.