Practical information

Martial Arts at ISAE

In partnership with one of the best clubs in France (more than 750 members), the martial arts club allows you to practice any discipline, from judo to Thai boxing, with quality supervision and for a ridiculous price! Beginner or pro, you will find your place!

2017 Appraisal

The section includes members practicing martial arts (Judo, Karate, Aikido, MMA) but also combat sports (boxing, Thai boxing). We participated in some sporting events (Challenge Centrale Lyon, EAG ...). We would like to participate in more events but sometimes disciplines are not offered and the number of available members is not enough.

During this term, I tried to develop judo on campus, thanks to the initiative of the Deputy Director. We began by proposing slots on Sunday morning and then set up slots for the activity on Friday nights and Sunday mornings. The number of people attending these sessions varies according to the availability of members. The sessions are designed to be open to everyone, so we had the opportunity to welcome a beginner and some Masters students.

We also tried to organize special events during important moments for the school. For example, when Thomas Pesquet came, we invited him to a session. Unfortunately it did not happen because it was not available. We also held a session with graduates the day before the graduation ceremony. For the occasion we rented the CREPS room and it was a great moment.

2016 Appraisal

2015/2016 year: 15 active members

- 7 at Thai Boxing

- 4 at Kung Fu

- 3 at Judo

- 1 at Karate