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Athletics at ISAE

Run, jump, throw: the base of all sports, or almost ... So come train at SATUC stadium: the most dynamic club in the Toulouse region is 10 minutes from the campus! And you'll see, you'll find, what you're looking for. You will be able to try all the disciplines in order to choose the one that suits you best.

Do you want to practice this sport without a fuss? Training groups with great atmospheres will be there to welcome you.

Do you already practice it and are you looking for performance? Graduate coaches will be there to follow you throughout the season and guide you to the summit ...

2017 Appraisal

The end of the season (July 2017) has quickly arrived to give way to the reception of the rookies and AST. This was a great step for the ISAE-SUPAERO ATHLETIC CLUB as the club's total strength has almost tripled. An excellent dynamic accompanies this good news from the first weeks with a big first for the athletics section: the organization of two days of focus with the involvement of the bizuths, AST, 4A, (...). It was a success. On the track, the success is similar since the athletes in this section are very motivated with a strong presence in several training groups within the SATUC (Section Athletics Toulouse University Club) - our partner.

The main athletes present last season still train hard this year. There are some new ones and this is very good news. The return of the 4A founders of this section is really good to the dynamism of the club: Fanny Risbourg (jump / sprint) and Clément Viron (middle distance). Confirmed ones have joined us: Gautier Champion (pole - 4m), Damien Glattard (middle distance / bottom), Adam Moutonnet (bottom), Thibault Toujouse (middle distance - 800m: 1'56), Antoine Lebecque (middle distance) / long distance - 10kms: 33'40) and Antoine Salgas (bottom). Beginners are also present: Samuel Mamou (middle distance) and Mathilde Le Bail (middle distance). Everyone is ambitious for 2018, the performances will be closely monitored.

The new president is Gautier Champion, chosen for his motivation and for his comprehensive knowledge of all disciplines of athletics. He will be accompanied by Damien Glattard to help him on the middle/long distance, chosen for his motivation and his mastery of these disciplines.


For 2018, the goals of the club are:
- A strong presence of ISAE-Supaero athletes under the colors of SATUC interclubs;
- A maximum of athletes at university and federal competitions;
- The realization of a club jersey;
- A partnership with Running Council in Balma;
- Keep a good agreement with the organization of a transfer and homes.