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The Garonne is waiting for you! Do you want to know the secret to quickly win biceps? Come rowing on Thursday and take part in tournaments in front of other Grandes Écoles on weekends!

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The rowing club of Supaero rowed home the weekend of 9-10 March for the 25th edition of Supaerowing which was held at Lake Bocage Fenouillet. Each year our school organizes one of the first regattas of the season where many schools and universities compete (ESCP, X, HEC, Centrale-Supélec, IPSA, ENSEA, UPC, INP Grenoble and others).

For those who could not attend the regatta, here is the positive result of the rowing team of Supaero:

- First, it was the inauguration of the very first boat of 8 women from the club, which already stands out by winning two beautiful silver medals in 1000m and 500m against tough competitors.

- The eight man 1 also made two beautiful A finals hung to the last meters: they won the bronze medal in the 1000m just behind the boats of Centrale-Supelec and HEC and a silver medal in the 500m.

- The second eight man has also achieved two promising performances for the little preparation they had and a small "mess" with another boat at the start of the 1000m, it suggests good things for the rest of the season!

- And finally, they have many names to their credit including "the 8 mixed", "the 8 of the atmosphere" or "the boat" (?), Which has been present at the 2 events of the weekend, including finishing a race with only 6 rowers, congratulations to them! :)

Congratulations to our rowers who gave everything under the encouragement of Ultras Supaero and the presence of the fanfare.
A big thank you to the organization, which, as the young people say, has "régalé" again.


Enjoy the first pictures!

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Garona Cup 2018

First meeting of the year for the Supaero rowing : the Garona Cup! This year again ISAE-Supaero is invited to participate in this great sport event in the heart of Toulouse. Our boat finishes 3rd of the competition and wins the prize of Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée region. Congratulations to all the crew including the two freshmen who started rowing this year. Thank you to all our supporters, as well as the pom-poms, the fanfare and the Ultras Supaero Officiel !

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2017 Appraisal

Effective recruitment and initiation rowing 4 weeks (September) for about 70 people (but beginning of initiations deemed too early for Strifele compared to other sports clubs)
Rewriting of the 2017-2018 AT / AS contract: maintenance of the usual schedules and addition of a training on Sunday morning to the tank to rowing in winter and on the water at mid-season Registration of 34 rowers Supaero AT (including 6 girls)
Participation in the St-Michel Regatta in September, the Garona Cup in October, the Christmas Cup at Fenouillet and the open ergo Villemur in December. Satisfactory results. New good relations with the organizer of the Garona Cup.
Loss of our sponsor PwC (combis not redeemed), current dialogue with BNP
Weekend cohesion rowing Pyrenees organized at the holidays of Toussaint for about fifteen members of the club
Weekend organized in the Pyrenees weekend of January 13 for 27 people
Setting up a big eight competitive (2A / 4A / 1A already rowers), a motivated eight 1A + 2A, a boat girls and another eight or more four conceivable
Workouts at the gym regularly to total 4 weekly sessions for 1A and 6 for 2A ideally (including boat)

2016 Appraisal

The regional regattas in which the club participated are:
- The Garonna Cup, day of competition organized by BNP Paribas mid-October, which
aimed to introduce the races to new members.
- The Christmas Cup, organized by the Supaérowing host club, which was attended by the Toulousain Rowing which proposed to the club to accompany it.

The national and international regattas in which the club has participated are:
- Supaérowing, organized by the Supaérowing club (and not by the rowing club). Y were engaged:
two 8+ man, one 4x man and one 4x mixed. Note that one of the 8 has arrived
2nd / 11 behind HEC, and the other won the B final (and so finished 5th out of 11).
- The Régataïades Internationales de Nantes, organized by the University of Nantes Rowing where two 8+ man were engaged. There, the goal was to train for
French championships that follow two weeks. The level was high enough, but
one of the 8 surprised and still won the 4th place out of 12 for the distances of
1000m and 500m (Behind Hochschulrudern Karlsruhe, ESSEC Business School and School Central Paris).

- The French university championships, organized by the FFSU. Two 8+ men and one double female participated. However, the 8-2 + Men dropped out the week before the regatta following the injury of one of the crew members. This is the competition where the level was the highest. Indeed, despite having the best time of the season, the 8-1 + Men finished 10th out of 19. As for him, the women's doubles finished 8th out of 9.

WE 23-24 May 2015: French University Championships

Back to the French University Rowing Championships, held in Bourges on May 23rd and 24th. After the qualifying day on March 26 at the TUC base, the two crews of Aviron Supaero won the right to participate in the French University Rowing Championships. So it is a 4 and 8 who have worn the colors of Supaéro (and a little bit of ensica too) at this big gathering.

On Saturday stood the playoffs, which determined in which thirds of final (the races comprise 6 participants) the boats would then compete. There, only the clock counted, and the two boats were therefore distributed in their respective thirds of final.


Unfortunately for the 4, the third of the final Sunday was composed of big teams, including the university Paul Sabatier, and the 4 of INSA Bourges, beaten Supaérowing, here took his revenge ... and his place in the final B. For the 8th, the thirds were better and the crew was also able to reach the final C.

Sunday afternoon saw all the finals unfold. That of 4, after a lot of waiting in the starting area, went well and he finished first 7 seconds from the second, confirming his legitimate place in the final B. The 8 was more difficult from the half of course, and it finished just behind Supélec Rennes.

The 4th is finally 13th / 23rd and the 18th 18th / 22th. Congratulations to everybody !

In the end, this weekend was full of promises for next season! However, we will meet  Saturday (June 6th) on the Grand Canal of the Palace of Versailles, for the ESSEC Trophy of the Kings!

And thanks to our PWC Sponsor, for his help during this sporting season.

Supaerowing week-end of 07/03/15

Big weekend in perspective for Supero Rowing! With three boats entered each day, one rush eight and two four pairs, we were sure to be present on all the grounds. In addition, an eight of the club's elders joined us for this weekend.

Saturday was devoted to the 1000m.

In eight, the boat composed of our "veterans" always in shape gets a nice third place after 5 years without rowing together, congratulations to them! The podium was also composed of Centrale Nantes (first) and ESTP (second). When the four Supaero 1, he won the first place in the final after an epic race, during which the distance between the four boats involved (INSA Loire Valley Center, Véto Toulouse and INSA Toulouse) has never exceeded a length of boat! The girls in eight when they have not lost either: the eight of the UNA finished all races handily, ahead Véto Toulouse and LSE Rowing Club.

Sunday, place in the 500m sprint race!

After being scared at qualifying for the final, the 4 Sup 1 failed to reiterate his performance the day before, but still finished the race in second place behind INSA Toulouse and ahead of INSA Center Val de Loire! When the eight of the "old", he has still shown his presence, finishing in second position behind Centrale Nantes, and before the ESTP. The eight of Supaero when he has shown a strong progression since the practices of the week preceding the races. It promises for the rest of the sports season!

In summary, a great weekend for all crews, we hope everyone has had a good time and will come back next year!

PS: see you in two months at the Régataïades!

15/11/14 Competition 

For its first regatta of the season, Aviron Supaéro had the courage unlike the university teams to participate in the day of 8 which took place on the Garonne. The first race of the day was bent from the beginning, our boat lined up in a bizarre category against the first boat of the Toulousain Rowing, and the old club (vets who have row for 30 years ), logical defeat of the boat Supaéro.

For the second race, a bar of force let us go in the middle of the race, and the boat Supaéro finished last again. The team, satisfied after their first race, will begin to prepare the Christmas Cup at the next training.

                                                                                                      Zaid - Prez 'Rowing