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Basket at Supaero

Join Supaero's dream team!

Do you do at least 2m? Did you train 5 times a week in before coming?
Did not miss a free throw from Space Jam? Did you choose the bachelor instead of an NBA draft at the Lakers?
No? It does not matter, we still want to recruit you! Basketball at Supaero has 3 teams for all levels, with training and one game per week. Come help us defend our winners, full of recent wins at Fenfion and EAG!

2019 Appraisal

Basket W:

The 2018-2019 season has been pretty good for the women's team, which has finished second in the promotion league competition. She has also participated in tournaments between engineering schools with a second place in the EAG and a participation in the TISE as well as in Sup’pont. Another good news is the arrival of a permanent coach for the team in November 2018.

For the 2019-2020 season, the Basketball section has grown from a dozen players to around twenty, which has led to the creation of a team 2 (also in the promotion league).

Finally, to ensure a link between its members, a cohesion weekend was organized at the start of the season and mixed mini-tournaments between members of the basketball club F and M are organized at each vacation.

Challenge Centrale Lyon 2k18 (Fenfion)

From 3:30 am, to the discovery of the departure time of the shuttle to the gym, the morale did not bode well.
Having taken full advantage of the permeable tents and waterbed the best arrive at the tournament having exceeded the hour of sleep. The last ones are quickly awakened by the gentle sound of dunks modeled by EPFL, the Swiss representatives who, for the first time in the history of their country were driven by a desire for victory.
After a warm-up having more put in confidence the computer scientists of the ENSIIE that served to the equipment to wake up, the score is without call 38-9.
But no time to rest, the table of the brand and the refereeing of the next game await us. The feat: despite all our efforts 20 minutes later stormy discussions broke out on our ability to count to 40. It did not so much upset the team that falls asleep 5 minutes later in the gym (no waterwaterbed nor tents this time). The awakening against Centrale Marseille is difficult and the game looks complicated. However the team comes out the match of the century and gets the victory.

More supaero brand table after this game. Confident, we take a case based on good chips, big cookies and coca in front of the women's handball.
The next match, against IMT Atlantic, is more hooked than the previous ones and makes us doubt. The teams are neck and neck. At 20s from the end we are behind 1 point. A foul on a shot 5s from the end allows us to pass in front. Cookies will give us the energy to defend in the last possession and win.
We start the last group game quieter or the team wins against central lyon 3.
First of our chicken, serious things can begin, we will get our sandwiches.

Given the psychopathic level of some teams the draw was a trying time. But it's against IMT that we replay and this second match looks like the first one. 20 seconds from the end: equality. Our Argentinian puts a basket from space. Victory and direction the quarterfinals (final score: 19-17).
Too much emotion for us, we celebrate our qualification in quarter by a new nap.
In quarter it is Agro Paristech that we face. The match is tight but galvanized by the support of our supporters we tear the victory with a three-point save our breton.
The epic continues, direction the halves. There are two options: win the half and be able to rest before tomorrow's final or lose them and play the small final the same evening. Coherent in our choices we opt for the victory.
We play a first half on equal terms against the Mines de Paris. But the defense of mines makes us thwart in the second half. The score is without appeal: 32-46.
At this stage we have 2h of match in the legs. The small final is against our friends at EPFL. We propose a traditional stone-leaf-chisel to decide the outcome of the meeting. They refuse, decidedly came the knife between the teeth.

The game, the last of the day, is played behind closed doors in front of 3 spectators (including a first aid worker). Aided by the gods of basketball we chained the shoots more and more improbable. The victory is hanging on the wire 5s from the end.

Pride for the team but injury to the pride of the rowing president who took a big dunk on it.

Review of the day, a team more than boosted, toast the 3rd place.

2016 Appraisal

Team 1, by Captain Benoît Deslandes:
The season has not been very good for Team 1. The record is hard: last of the championship
super excellence, eliminated from the inter-region championship, with only one victory in each of these two competitions. Nevertheless, we must not stop at this observation, because the season has been richer than they suggest.
The team was very heterogeneous at the beginning of the year. Indeed, basketball is a very popular sport abroad, which explains why many ISAE students coming from Spain for example belong to the club and this team, and the cultural and especially linguistic barrier is not easy to cross. In addition, the team was composed of students from various backgrounds. Thus, the players did not know each other well at the beginning of the season and that can surely explain some of our defeats. We still managed to win an inter-regional victory against the INP, but a very disappointing defeat against INSA two days later sealed our chances of reaching the next round.
Nevertheless, through training, the team has become more cohesive and has set up some automatisms, and we began to develop a game of an interesting and constantly progressing level. The victories were not yet at the rendezvous but we
approaching each match a positive result, even against the best teams in the region. We were finally able to win a match in super excellence at the end of March, against a good team, for what can be considered the match of the year for our team. The departure of
some of our best interns or graduation projects have unfortunately decimated our team for the few remaining games, but we do not have to be ashamed of our end-of-year benefits.

One of the very positive aspects of this year was also the setting up of mini-tournaments, often before the holidays, where the ISAE Basketball Women's and Men's sections were invited to play in 3x3 in a good mood before find to eat together.
This type of event contributes to the cohesion of the club, and above all allows Team 1 to meet the 2 and 3 that we do not see often. We have often recruited players from other teams to train with us on Wednesdays, as we often have players absent due to injury or work.

I want to thank all the members of the team, Louis, Romain, Jeff, Ramon, Alejandro, Steve, JB, Jonas, Alexis and Kevin, for this friendly season despite the defeats, as well as Laurent, Thomas and William for having everything given during the training they did with us,
and finally our coach Cyril for his expertise, his rare rants but despite everything and especially his good mood throughout the season.

Team 2, by Captain William Desprats:
Given the diversity of the level of the players, we chose to constitute a team 2 intended to evolve in a level of championship between that of the team 1 and that of the team 2.
This was intended to allow a possibility of evolution to all players. We started the university year with a back-to-school tournament that was very promising. We then went through a brewing phase at the Honor level, where the majority of the teams had signed up. In our pool, the level of the teams was very heterogeneous (especially because of the lack of promotion level), to a point where we made the decision to register at the level above (Excellence), after finishing by hugging the first of our hen.
From the first match in Excellence, we have been facing a level much higher than the teams we had met so far. This was confirmed later, but we had the opportunity to make some good games where we were able to give the best of ourselves. We managed to develop a good collective around 5-6 regular players, to which were added other more casual players. We had several times to call on team 3 players to help us (Adrian, Rayane and Vincent). Although it is not easy when the victory is not at the rendezvous, this experience certainly allowed us to progress more than Honor level. Thanks to François, Lucas, Simon and Thomas, but also to Florian, Jérémy, Kévin, Romain and Titouan for this season.

Team 3, by Captain Laurent Clos-Cot:
This year the club has decided to form a team 3 in front of the number of players available. This team will be made up of beginners but also confirmed players. After a brewing phase of a few weeks, we made the choice to enter the promotion championship where we would face teams of our level. The group stage is a great success with 4 wins out of 5 games.Despite the heterogeneity of the level we managed to develop an interesting game, based on our Italian-Spanish axis composed of our interiors Adrian and Andrea and our leader Luca. This phase was marked by some good performances, like a victory where we were only 5. Qualified directly for the semi-finals, we faced the only team against which we had lost in hen. A tense and physical match of which we came out winners thanks to our solid and aggressive defense, and to our reinforcement Pablo which held a preponderant role in attack. In the final we are opposed to the best team out of the pools, whose only loss was
facing us. Unfortunately we did one of our worst games, especially in attack or the success ran away throughout the match. In the end a second place in the championship and a great human adventure where the good mood never left us! thanks to
coach Farid, to Rayane, Vincent, Pablo, Luca, Adrian, Alex, Pablo for this season.

Other results:
The basketball club has been represented at several tournaments this year. First at Suponts-Heros, where we won our game against the school of Bridges through an extension. We also took part in the Centrale Lyon Challenge, but we did not
could present our best team, and had to bow down in any match. The same weekend, we reached the semifinals of home-made EAGs, but were beaten by ENAC.

 2014-15  Basket M SUPAERO Appraisal

The basketball season is coming to an end! In reality it is already over for a few weeks ... But leisure sneakers continue, every Wednesday at 17h! You are all welcome to discover this beautiful sport, until the end of the year :)

It is now time to make a small point on the season:
- The teams Supaero 1 and 2 are doing their best and have done rather well, despite a reduced effective and many beginners. Congratulations to them for their dedication and motivation!
- The ISAE team managed to qualify for the 16th round of the French Schools Championship but then went on to lose in Bordeaux, a match that is still largely within reach. Pity ! Especially since the team arrives at the end of a cycle, since the vast majority of players were 2A or masters, who leave at the end of the season. A team rebuilt almost entirely next year, so. Bizuths, we count on you !!
We will also remember the somewhat original offer of the FFSU which proposed to 4 players of the ISAE team to participate in a tournament of 3v3 all expenses paid for a week in Turkey ... We unfortunately had to decline this offer because the unavailability of too many players ...

Let's turn now to the next season :) It will see some upheaval ... Indeed the ISAE is regrouping for good on the campus Supaero. This means for us: reduction in the number of slots due to the loss of a gym, arrival of a new coach in addition to Cyril (wanted by Bertrand Sarrebressolles), and especially ... the arrival of the ENSICA girl team! Hope that they will be joined by many girls of Supaero, among the bizuthes and the oldest;) Finally the diversity of the basketball club!

Marion Gourgues, President Basket F, and I will try to manage all these changes.

It's now time for me to say goodbye, and see you next year, more motivated than ever :)