Practical information

  • President (2020) : Auguste Basset (

  • Schedule : Monday 17h30 - 19h ; Wednesday 17h30 - 19h30 (supervised practice) ; Thursday 13h30 - 15h30 ; Friday 17h30 - 19h30.

  • Place/Clubs : Supaero Gymnase

Nuit Centrales Verticales 2019

On November 9th and 10th, 12 members of the Vertical Club went to the NCVs (Centrale vertical nights in Paris), a record participation for Supaero!
On the program, blocks, tracks, open pancakes and massages, fanfare show in the middle of the wall .... Sunday we had the pleasure to see climbing the third world climber Fanny Gibert!

We congratulate Yohann for his 7th place in diff and Christophe for his 9th place in block on

NCV19 1.png
NCV19 2.png

Challenge Centrale Lyon 2019

We were three to represent supaero and we did not come for nothing. After four hours qualifying, we had a qualification in men's semifinal and a qualification in women's final. We finished with a fourth place in the girls and unfortunately a disqualification following a bad handling in the men's semifinal.

However, we come back very satisfied with our weekend!

Fenfion 2019.png

TSGED 2019

Climbing was well represented with 8 climbers on three disciplines: difficulty, block and speed. For most of us, it was an opportunity to discover speed.

TSGED 2019 1.png
TSGED 2019 2.png
TSGED 2019 3.png

Opening of the Supaero block

Hi to all of you!

Four years ago, Franck Wang, climber and mountaineer of Supaéro had a dream: to recreate a climbing section for his favorite club: Vertical. He began to design a self-supporting structure as part of his PIR, and proposed the plan to ISAE. Supported by Bertrand, the project to install the building was accepted and started. The next two years, the paperwork and the steps to make, take the structure to school and find a place to install it were realized.

In January 2017 then begins another dimension of the project: the delivery is made. The block is then in the state of furniture IKEA, in spare parts, ready to be assembled. The former bike room in front of residence 1 houses the construction site. The 2018 and 2019 promos, as well as Franck and Bertrand, put their hand to the task and make carpentry their new extra-curricular activity. The skeleton is completed at the end of the 2016-2017 school year, and some sections are already laid.

Some problems come to light: concrete dust is omnipresent in the room, and there are not enough plywood sheets. After the holidays, the 2018 promo is no longer on campus, but is replaced by the bizuts 2020 who are then also on the site. Some trips in Clio to Leroy Merlin, and a few months to wait for the floor painting of the local later, the pan is dressed. The carpets are then placed inside, and the first blocks open. But this room also had to accommodate all of Vertical's equipment. In a short time, shelves are built, the floor is adorned with carpet, the fridge and this dear radio station finds a new place, and the move takes place. Today, the club is proud to present its new neighborhoods, a local increasingly chill for LE club chilliest Supaero. Relaxation, mass material, and sweat meet in Vertical's lair! If our door is open, have a look, and why not join us!

I propose you to discover or rediscover this adventure through these few photos and videos testifying to the transformation of a vulgar local bike empire of the class!
A big thank you to everyone who participated in the war effort!

Escalade ouverture bloc 2.jpg
Escalade ouverture bloc 4.jpg
Escalade ouverture bloc 5.jpg
Escalade ouverture bloc 3.jpg
Escalade ouverture bloc 6.jpg

Nuit Centrale Verticale 11/2018

The NCV (Nuit Centrale Verticale) and CVG (Central Vertical Games) took place on the weekend of 24 and 25 November on the campus of Centrale Paris. On the menu, the track, the block, still the block, the pain of the fingers with the shovel, massages by physiotherapist, a continuous crêpes of 2 days in continuous, the good atmosphere and the big sizes of climbing to give a spectacle. We went on Friday 23 by night train and came back Monday morning by night train as well.

Present were Eleni Sotiropoulos, Damien Glattard, Augustin Goyet, Nicolas Bourdeaud and myself, Alan Allart. The first day was a contest open only to students with track and block.

The second day, an open open to all, and only block. There was for these 3 events qualifying time and a time of finals for the qualifiers, who really gave us a good show. The injury to Eleni's ankle will be lamented after being overly emotional on the one-shot of a rather delicate block, which had to stop climbing on Saturday morning ...

Final assessment: climbers exhausted but happy with the weekend very stylish. And 1A who have discovered the event and can sustain it next year.

Escalade NCV 1.jpg
Escalade NCV 2.jpg
Escalade NCV 3.jpg

Nuit Centrale Verticale 02/2018

Back to the NCV 2018 by the section president

We left on the 9th of February for a 10h bus ride to Paris Saclay for the Nuit Centrale Verticale. Arrived on time for the first day of the event which was a purely student competition, we received t-shirt, supplies but especially the precious booklet summarizing the tracks and blocks to climb. The wall was exceptional, as was the block that was imported from the world finals of Bercy 2012. With about 70 participants, and a high level of climbing, we had the right to a very nice show in the finals, with exceptional climbers!

Day two: This time a competition in open sky, with even more level since champions of the French team were present to climb to our side and make a beautiful demonstration of their talents! It was really impressive!

Final report: a memorable weekend to comeback next year, without any hesitation!

Escalade NCV 4.jpg
Escalade NCV 6.jpg
Escalade NCV 5.jpg

Tournoi Sportif des Grandes Ecoles de la Défense 2018

Escalade TSGED 1.jpg
Escalade TSGED 2.jpg
Escalade TSGED 3.jpg
Escalade TSGED.jpg

2017 Appraisal

Operation of the club

The club trains twice a week (Mondays from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm and Thursdays from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm) on the gymnasium wall. During the year, participants supervise the sessions to introduce beginners and allow them to reach a level of autonomy necessary for the practice of indoor climbing. To be able to climb independently, the club members must have a FFME license and have a minimum level required corresponding to the Orange passport. Once this orange passport is obtained, athletes can climb on the wall without supervision. In the middle of the year, the Monday evening session is no longer framed, in order to save the budget to offer supervised   cliff sessions early in the year. The supervisors of the sessions are Bertrand Sarrebressolles and François Defay. The relationships between the members and the supervisors are very good, the progression is visible from session to session. The club also makes an annual w-e 3j Adventure Field (traditional climbing) in Caroux under the guidance of a mountain guide. The club also organizes a week-long cliff climbing that took place this year in Mallorca. 8 members participated in this week and it was an opportunity for some to discover the psicobloc for others to discover the great ways and for all to progress much. Finally, the club is helping OSE as part of their partnership with the Center for Children with Disabilities. Two sections of the center come during the year, with one of their teacher of EPS, receive courses of climbing supervised by Bertrand Sarrebressolles, and members of the club of SUPAERO. These sessions are closed by a day out cliff in June, on a site near Revel.

Club goals

The climbing club of the sports association of Supaéro has for mission to train beginners and people with a more or less advanced level to the practice of the climbing, that it is on SAE or SNE, and to make them autonomous . It allows already autonomous students to practice their passion within the club. Indeed, once the level of autonomy is sufficient, it is possible to borrow material from the club to practice the activity on a day or a weekend. The club has also been working for more than two years to design a block that will be in the new climbing room. The arrival of the block was supervised by the former president François Hadengue, and the construction began in early 2017, now it remains to finish the structure, and move the premises to the new local Vertical.


During the planned sessions of this end of the year, there were about fifteen "regulars" who came at least once a week. A dozen others came from time to time, and some excellent climbers only came a few times to make their claws on the wall of the school.


This year the club did not participate in the competitions, but organized and refereed the climbing event of the EAG. A dozen climbers from ENSMA and 3 from ENAC were able to show their talents on our wall. Final victory of the ENSMA who obtained the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th ranks. We also organized the Supont'Heros climbing event, with a total of ten participants, including two Bridges climbers. The Bridges narrowly won gold in this event, the competition was really tight.

2016 Appraisal

This year the club participated in the Suponts'heros and EAG tournaments. Supont was won by Supaéro thanks to Samuel Basse. There were three supaerians among the 6 finalists.
The EAGs were won by ENSMA, and there were 2 supaerians among the 6 finalists.