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Paragliding club

You want to be able to observe the landscapes that surround you, to experience thrills at several meters altitude? So do not hesitate, and join the paragliding club Supaero and participate in his epic outings !!

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2016 appraisal

Five outings on entire weekends have been completed since the end of February. In addition, some members had the opportunity to fly on weekdays. To this must be added the two weeks of training during the April holidays. During these two courses, 7 members made their first flight including 5 going beyond the 5th flight stage. Another member obtained his initial pilot license, and others reached their 15th flight.

In total it is a number of 6 new drivers that the club has formed, plus 4 members who now own 3 or 4 flights.

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Improvement during the holidays of Toussaint 2014

The Sun at the rendezvous, the paragliding advanced training course was a real success! On the program, 12 flights in the week, from 4 different takeoffs and in a sky could not more cleared.
This was the opportunity, for some, begin the practice of this sport in exceptional conditions. The most experienced have also had, in these very stable conditions, the opportunity to test new equipment.
In short, an incredible vacation that we will remember: so much sunshine in October, it's unheard!


Marion Villenave for paragliding.

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