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Ça plane pour moi

Do you dream of flying? The sound of the aircraft engine spoils the pleasure? Do you prefer to learn to use natural phenomena to get you up in the air? The glider club answers all your requests. Thanks to two aeroclubs associated with Supaéro, it is possible to fly for small amounts, whether you are beginner or confirmed. So, hurry up with us!

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2019 appraisal

During this year, four 2A and a Master were able to pass their certificate and the key points of such a progression were the traineeship organized. They allowed a strong cohesion of the members and generated a positive dynamic for training.
A final essential point is post patent support. Indeed, the club offers follow-up for all levels, and some pilots like Louis L were able to benefit from the campaign certification (which allows you to get away from the club’s aerodrome by more than 20km) and even learn about competition. Thus, obtaining the patent does not lead to a lack of interest in gliding, on the contrary.
In addition, there are 19 new members (plus a first year not reimbursed already patented which makes its instructor training)

2017 appraisal

Reminder of the initial objectives:

The aim of the Supaéro glider club is to allow the discovery or continuation of Gliding by conducting and completing a pilot training. The spirit is not to encourage one-off, but to actually enroll them in a global training. It is undeniable that the learning of Gliding is an asset in the formation of a future engineer in aeronautics. It gives him a practical look at the flight, its mechanics and the technologies associated with it. The learning of the flight is to be encouraged. Thus it is important not to disperse the hours of instruction, sometimes quite limited because of the size of the club and the need to leave slots for non-ISAE students. This is why a quota of 19 new students in training is applied this year, in view of the progress of all vis-à-vis the availability of the club and its budget. Situation of the section: It is important to start with a summary of previous years to justify the following. The Club Supaéro was still three years ago in partnership with the club Pic Saint Lou located near Montpellier, two hours drive from Toulouse. This significant distance was detrimental to a significant club activity. Only a few already confirmed members had kept their gliding activity but little training was taking place. On the other hand ENSICA, had a strong section glider, in partnership with the club of Graulhet (ATVV) located in the Tarn in 45min of Toulouse. Every year about ten patents were obtained by ENSICA students and the activity of the glider section was consistent. This is largely because of the fact that during the ISAE-ENSICA merger, the Graulhet club was favored.

Today, the club is strongly anchored in Graulhet, and begins to enjoy the habits and appropriation of the Graulhet club. The latter is also strongly impacted by the presence of our school, and sets up every year new means (courses, new machines, new instructors) to benefit the two clubs (ISAE and ATVV)


Regarding the club population within the school, the will of our former president has been accomplished: the group is evenly divided between the 1A, 2A, 4A and even 3A who arrange their breaks to continue flying before or after the holidays summer. We can therefore consider that regarding the activity in Graulhet, the club has found its rhythm, and this stability is conducive to establish a practical and effective club operation. The club also offers a motor flight training (separate from the activity of the ISAE club), which allows to continue to fly during the winter, sometimes to prepare the future activity gliding March. Students such as Tommaso, Romain and Pierre continue to go to Graulhet, and this indirectly motivates the gliding activity within the ISAE, by taking information or carpooling opportunities.


What worked in 2017:

This year, the glider section has strengthened its relationship with the GRAULHET Club (ATVV). The number of hours flown by ISAE students, and the investment of these students in the club has increased significantly and allowed many of them to arrive at the end before the end of the season, which is equivalent to a patent at the resumption of the season. The key points of such a progression were the courses organized during the holidays (April, beginning of summer, end of summer). They allowed a strong cohesion of the members and generated a positive dynamic for the formations. In addition, the reimbursement system (from a functional point of view) satisfies the managers of the section and seems to have agreed with AS. The reimbursement to 2/3 allows a regular expenditure of the budget, so traceable and practical. A last essential point is post-patent support. Indeed, the club offers a follow-up for all levels, and some drivers like Louis L have been able to benefit from the certification campaign (which allows to move away from the aerodrome of the club of more than 20km) and even to learn to the competition. Thus, obtaining the patent does not lead to a lack of interest in gliding, on the contrary; the group of 2A is already looking forward to the future advanced stage of Easter.

What did not work: Compared to last year, the reduction of the Easter holidays and the dates of the internships have slowed the progress of the group in general, and our first goal this year is to optimize these two key periods of internship: students retained are warned, and take into account these periods very favorable to the progression to place their internship worker. Another important point to mention is recruitment. Last season, the selection was to choose 23 students out of thirty. This year, again in the interest of the group, we had to choose 19 students from over 50 candidates (not counting those who became unmotivated under too many participants). To this we have recruited 2 pilots already patented: they will allow other members of the club to integrate more easily. We did our best to select the most motivated candidates to avoid certain setbacks (in previous years, it turned out that some members of the section did not show enough motivation to sell the budget allocated to them, and they took the place of more motivated people). Nevertheless, we found it very unfortunate that some students, although highly motivated to practice gliding, did not fit into our quotas. Thus, we have established a waiting list for Graulhet and mentioned the opening of an introductory section in Bourg Saint Bernard. We will come back to these points later. Effective : There are 21 newcomers, 13 second year, 15 third year and 8 fourth year. In the 3rd year, I included the AST / Master, which we did not do for newcomers 2A. There are 57 members in total, 16 more than last year. For active members throughout the year, we keep a group close to last year. Thus, the wish to offer a complete training for all is preserved, and the share of experienced pilots has clearly increased, which underlines the success of the training carried out so far.


Recruitment :

As mentioned above, 2018 recruitment was conducted on motivational interviews, which resulted in the selection of 19 new members. The big advantage of these interviews is that members are aware of what may have driven some people to stop last year, and the importance of being diligent and honoring one's place in the group. We sincerely believe that the hard selection allows us to be more optimistic than last year about budget depletion. To this must be added the establishment of a waiting list (explained below). Each newcomer to the club has its goals including the glider patent in sight, which motivates their investment during the year and makes the club prolific. We are also considering the possibility of integrating other members on the waiting list. The system of waiting list makes it possible to replace the pupils who would not hold their commitments in the group Graulhetois (even if we wish that there is none and that our interviews were effective, we do not close the door to this eventuality). Thus, they could fly from April to Graulhet, with the youth group and the ISAE Supaéro club.

Nevertheless, after negotiations with the club of Bourg Saint Bernard, we considered it opportune to propose a second place of practice of gliding for those who did not fulfill the criteria of Graulhet but who seemed to us really volunteers to begin a formation (see second column). Within the limit imposed by the budget, we also propose to column 1/3 people to fly to BSB. We intend to expose the project more clearly during a CA: the only difficulty lies in the regularization of the reimbursements of the AS vis-à-vis a second club, which requires the signing of a new agreement. In addition to the internal organization of this 2nd club, we think this project is feasible and beneficial to all. The perspective of offering training to out of the ordinary sports to the greatest number and in ideal conditions is in my opinion one of the strengths of our school and the AS, and this measure goes in this direction, without requiring a budget. much higher.

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2016 appraisal

During the period from January 1st to May 31st, here are the highlights of the activity of the glider section:


- strong increase in the number of licensees compared to previous years (new this year)

- very strong activity of the club allowed by the motivation of the recruited members. Complete full weekends in terms of demand as well as Thursdays after noon.

- Many released and patented (already 8 released and as many patents to come)

- two weeks of training organized during the April holidays with flights every day
and total satisfaction for all members.

- Attendance at the Aeronautical Aeronautics Grand Prix (RVVGEA) Meetings of 10 members of the club to represent Supaéro.

- Presence of 7 members at SWAF weekend in Puivert to represent the school again.