Practical information

Rugby M 2017 appraisal

Training sequence

• Training sessions take place every Tuesday at the Supaero stadium from 19:30 to 21:30. This year, 2 new coaches arrived after stopping the 2 of last year. Their pedagogy is very interesting and the group hopes to enjoy it as long as possible.

• During the integration period, another physical training is taken on Thursday afternoon by the club president. This type of training continues when we do not have games scheduled on Thursday night.

• The group (about 50 people) is not divided by levels and everyone can come at any level, many beginners have persisted. The goal of the training is in addition to improve the level of each one, to form a team spirit and a cohesion, in order to have a collective able to play its rugby during matches.

• The matches are held on Thursday night at Supaero. Exceptionally, a match against TBS was played on Tuesday for reasons of availability. At the beginning of the season, a friendly match was organized.

• Seasoned players have had the opportunity to be recruited by a neighboring Honor level club in need of players: Ramonville. This year no one could have the necessary time for this but the contact can be kept from year to year.


Moral outcome

For many years, the rugby club exists and trains players to practice rugby in university. The goal is to convey to the newcomers the spirit of rugby and the fundamentals of this sport.

The beginning of the year saw the rugby section welcome a significant number of players of all levels as every year. During a first start of the season, the former wire-snatchers were able to get back in shape with physical exercises and contactless play games related to rugby.

The first real trainings were adapted to the beginners while the more experienced ones could find their level of olden with more advanced exercises. We can be satisfied to have at this time of the year again, beginners players who have quite their place next to experienced players, with a level group rather homogeneous! The arrival of the coaches has brought a little more rigor and work to the training for the pleasure of all, the number of players has also been satisfactory for doing very interesting training. The results paid off in the first games of the year (Supontheros + friendly match against TBS) with two wins. The team was also able to get together with the organization of a home in mid-September, a meal in the city partly financed with the sub-centers of last year then the participation in the TGE in Pau where the sports results and the atmosphere within the team were more than present (4th place + big cohesion).

The "Challenge Ecole" championship was contested. With the ENAC package, we only played 3 games against INSA3, TBS and VETO for a win against his last, but a rather interesting level. The rest of the season looks promising with a voluntary and motivated group. The impact of the two new coaches is undoubtedly the big trigger that allows beginners and advanced players to move forward and have fun together.

From a financial point of view, abandoning the Pwc grant was a big blow. The team was able to finance the purchase of shorts and socks for the new thanks to good homes last May and a day of the old with Ose success (organized with Joel Daste and renewable this year can be). A new partnership is being discussed with IWEI but if it does not succeed, a financial contribution to finance this material would be necessary.

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Rugby F 2017 appraisal

Rugby Section F: The Georgettes

On average 12 girls entered, 7-8 girls in each training and 7-8 girls in each match.


Balance sheet

A team that progresses tremendously during the year (the vast majority of players have never played before), to finally win the title of Academy Champions of their group (hen promotion)!

If the beginning of the season is always difficult because the levels are heterogeneous (old having already experience and news having never played), the team becomes more homogeneous from January-February and begins to win more matches .



In October 2017, the Georgettes participated in the Tournoi des Grandes Ecoles. The team can be proud to have achieved 4th place, despite their small number of players (only 8). This tournament is very important at the beginning of the year to establish a strong relationship within the team, which will be essential during the games during the year. The activities offered during this tournament (Spa, Karting and Laser-Game) contribute to this indispensable "Team Building".

Last April, three girls from the team went on to complete the ENSTA Paris'tech team at the "7 à Paris", a rugby tournament organized by Ensta. The goal for next year would be to send a full team to this tournament, on the one hand to meet the teams of engineering schools, and on the other hand to serve as a year-end tournament before the departure of the 2nd and 4th years.

Finally, the Georgettes participate every year in Supont'heros, and always win hands down!



Our coach, Céline, is always 5 minutes early. She is very pedagogue and takes the time to explain in detail the points that have not been well assimilated. It is largely thanks to her that the team manages to obtain good results despite the large number of newbies.

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2016 appraisal

After winning the EAG, the XV painters finished 4th in the championship of honor.

The girls stood out by winning the Massilia Sun Ball.

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2016 EAG Rugby final

Saturday, on the Supaerian meadow, the XV painters offered us a moment of sport as we rarely live.
Opposed to ENSMA in the final of the tournament, team that had beaten them the day before, they were the actors of a match with the incredible scenario.
In the first half, against the wind, they showed a desire to the height of the event ... They pounded the test line for many minutes, even refusing two tries, but did not succeed finally not to score any point. Score at half-time: 0-0, a priori a pretty good deal considering the wind blowing against our heroes of the day.
When we returned from the locker room, the strategy of our bushy painters was clear: take advantage of the wind to occupy the opposing terrain. However, they got into their own game by not playing enough in the hand. Result, they did not collect a temptable penalty and had to face the assaults of the guys of Poitou. They were playing their luck. Surprised in the first period by the return of the Toulouse 4A absent the day before, they became more conquering in the last 20 minutes. By dint of defending, our supaerians began to make mistakes, it is true little helped by a referee more likely to whistle in favor of visitors than locals ...
Realistic at the foot, the ENSMA were to lead 6-0 to 5 minutes from the end, and, given the scenario of the match, spectators around the stadium thought that the match was bent. Indeed, Supaéro was not realistic enough, puffing two or three against one when they managed to find the flaw in the defense.
But they struggled to the end and, at the last minute of this panting game, they were playing in the opposing camp, finally showing what they are capable ball in hand.
On an action where the defense of the ENSMA was at worst, in its 22 meters, the president and number 10 Tom Canal received the ball with on his left a huge excess to play for, who knows, go for the victory. But he chooses the option of the game to the foot for his winger ... At the moment when his crampon touched the leather, everyone believed in an error of lucidity due to fatigue, and that was going to cost us the victory .... But it was not counting on the dexterity of Marc Pech, positioned on the wing for this final, who controlled the inflate and went into the flattening the only test of the match, in the last second of the meeting . The score is then 6-5 for the ENSMA, transformation to follow ...
A little eccentric on the left of the posts, Canal is given the heavy task of passing the transformation of the win ... Back on the line of 22 to open the angle to the maximum, the number 10 takes its momentum, under the whistles of ENSMA supporters and the rise of opposing players seeking to counter it, and do not tremble. The ball passes between the posts and the referee whistles the end of the match on this victory at the snatch of a XV painters catchy and, let's say, heroic.
The invasion of the pitch by the fans and substitutes when the ball passed between the posts testifies to the extraordinary scenario of this final, which made us vibrate, stress, get upset, and finally explode with joy at the final whistle.
Congratulations to the XV painters, who is today crowned champion of Europe!

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Rugby M : pharma 12/03 match

On Thursday, March 12th, there were many sports and technical twists during the match between Supaero and Pharma, starting with a lighting problem suggesting that the match could not be played.
Beginning with a quarter of an hour late, the actors were not asked to send the game, starting with the local team scoring first through his first center Etienne Hedon. This one marked corner, later transformed, after five minutes of play following many sequences.
Eager to continue on his way, the Painters went on the attack but the highlight of the game came to interrupt the game quarter of an hour.
Following a shot from Pharma, a lot of fate affected the full back Paul Pierrefeu. The record is clear: double Tibia-perroné fracture for the young aillier. His pain and screams shocked many. The match was interrupted for more than 45 minutes to take charge of the unfortunate
We wish wholeheartedly the quickest recovery to our home.

Injured by this news, Supaeo starts again directly to the attack of the opposite line but of the precipitation and clumsiness prevented the small blues to score again.

Half time sounds: 7-0. The match is a very good bill but the fatigue is greatly felt for the locals whose physical fomre left to be desired. At the restart, it is the visitors who quickly take the game in hand with an unprocessed test coming to conclude this domination. A 40m penalty in front not Picot gives 5pts ahead of the premises before a superb individual feat of 12 pharma come to crucify the painters that we felt badly in point and very feverish in defense.
10-12 to ten minutes of the term. But as a result of a penalty played quickly in their 40 and two game times later, Pech served Ben Landes perfectly for an unstoppable try under the poles. Supaero then back up like a pendulum was no longer taken so easily and as a result of an action led by the iron hand of these fronts, Picot came to slam an authoritarian drop thus putting his team safe with eight points. advanced.
Final score 20-12 after a match once again rich in emotion and suspense. The Painters are currently first with 12 points becoming their future opponents Jean jaures of a small point. See you on the near Thursday 19 to do battle!

26/02/2015 Racing VS GMP

Last night after almost 2 months without a match, the Painters pushed back Edouard Belin's meadow for a match against the GMP. The conditions favored a game of before in what looked more like a quagmire than a lawn. Unfortunately the GMP is not enough, the XV Painters lent them some artists to make an opposition.
Final score 3 tries to 2 for the Racing, not without having lent his 3 captains to the opponents in the 2nd period!
Next game on March 12th!