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Ski club

Eh yes !! You have made the right choice to come to Toulouse, where the Pyrenees and their snowy slopes welcome you with open arms. Whether during the week ski, or during the week ends organized, just show what you can do on your skis or your snow!

2017 appraisal

For the beginning of the year 2017 the budget was used for the reimbursement of outings organized as part of a new partnership with the esf of Ax les Thermes. Freestyle / freeride and beginner courses are now available. However the fact that these outings are proposed "à la carte" makes them difficult to organize (strong demand, people do not bother to inquire and who to repeat the information already given ...). I still want to maintain these outings and that's why I made the choice to entrust the full responsibility of this activity to a person. It would then be convenient to give this person the opportunity to make the repayments for the next term (vice president?). For this new season a new agreement has been signed with the TUC SKI to offer competition-oriented outings.

2016 appraisal

- Ski trips: 3 since January, for 15 people each time.

- Participation in Red Bull Schuss for 23 people (organized by Nicolas Hubert, 2A ENSICA)


- Participation in Altigliss in Val d'Isère (2 teams of 6).

- Organization of a ski week during the holidays of February (from the 20th to the 27th) in the resort of Val d'Allos (76 people).

Altigliss 2015/03

Today team 1 was to defend its second place in the final parallel slalom relay: mathematically INSEEC was in first place, HEC Lausanne and GEM could take the two and third places and relegate Supaero to the foot of the podium.

The last of the quarter-finals pitted Supaero against the X. GEM is released by EISTI just before, the place on the podium is assured.

Beginning of the parallel, Leo leaves first. Slow at first, his opponent even more, he arrives with almost a door ahead of the line. Pissou starts but can not do much against a more technical X: he accuses of a delay of two doors on arrival. Max put under pressure by his opponent in advance and embarrassed at the start misses his run and can only keep both doors late. Robin destabilized by skis he discovered is still two doors late. Last to leave with 4 gates late, nuestra campeona espanola narrows the gap but can not do much. Supaero is eliminated.

Final score: Supaero 1 is on the podium with a nice third place and Supaero 2 finishes 15th.