Practical information

After class, tennis

Whether you are ranked zero or beginner, whether to make setbacks or a match in five sets in "night session", do not hesitate to come and feel the little yellow ball on the two lighted campus courts, two no residences. To go further, two patented instructors will help you perfect your slice and lift to impress skeptics.

2017 appraisal

Training sequence

The tennis trainings are held every week on Thursday afternoon from 13:30 to 15h for insiders and 15h to 16h30 for intermediaries when the weather permits on the 2 outdoor fields located on the campus, and are supervised by Stéphane LEPAGE but also Tuesday evening from 6.30 pm to 8 pm for beginners, supervised by Rémy BARTHELAY. The registrations for the courses are done the previous weekend, the number of places being limited, the first registered ones are those who can come to the trainings.


Moral outcome

Good training: good atmosphere, very competent speakers, involved and friendly, listening and motivated players. The number of insider and intermediate players is slightly down on this beginning of the year. The beginners courses went very well this year with a keen interest from the students to discover tennis! To pursue absolutely!


Travels made

In 2017, we went to the Lyon Centrale Challenge in Lyon and the KPMG Tennis Master Tour in La Baule.


Sports results

- Supontsheros tournament: the rain did not let us play

- European Aerostudent Games: 4 teams registered

- Centrale Lyon Challenge: best result: finalist

- KPMG Tennis Master Tour: 3 teams registered, best result: 1 / 8th finals

- University tournaments:

girl team: finalist level 1

Men's team 1: semi-finalist level 1

Men's team 2: Level 2 comforting finalist

men's team 3: quarter-finalist level 2

Men's team 4: Level 3 comforting finalist

This year, only 1 men's team is involved in the academic championship.

2016 appraisal

- Supontsheros Tournament: Winner

- European Aerostudent Games: 2 teams registered, best result: finalist.


- Lyon Centrale Challenge: 5 players registered, best result: 1 / 16th finals.


- KPMG Tennis Master Tour: 2 teams entered, best result: 1 / 8th finals


- University tournaments: semifinal and final level 3 low, final level 2 low