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Whether you come from Saint-Louis or have never touched an ulti of your life, join us for weekly training and regular sports tournaments!

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EAG 2019

After a year of existence, the Supaero Ultimate Club begins its tournament with a first match against ENAC, won 12-7.
The team continues in its hen phase against Madrid, whose team came to start the Ultimate. Supaero wins 12-0.
 We then met the team of CVUT Prague coming only for the Ultimate, and whose members play in the national team. The meeting takes place under a torrential rain and a very strong wind. Despite this, the highly experienced Czech team manages to win both technically and strategically by maintaining a big lead: 10-1. What will conclude the hen phases, Supaero is in final.
The next day, Supaero and Prague compete for first place. The points are more debated on the Supaérien side than the day before, and 2 points are marked by the best number 10 of the team: Quentin. Despite this, Prague wins 10-2 and takes the first place in the tournament at Supaero.
The match ends with good humor and fair play on both sides, and the awards ceremony is extended to Saint Peter's Square, where the Prague team offers its ultimate signed by its players to Supaero.