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Supaero Sailing Team

Only 2 hours from the sea, Supaero offers you an exceptional opportunity to develop your talents as a sailor, and to proudly represent our colors. So do not hesitate, and come to challenge the waves!

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2019 appraisal

Light sailing:

This year light sailing was not very successful in May and June. But in September there were 3 big outings with more than 30 participants in all. Many people have completely started sailing, there were a lot of very good returns!

Habitable sail:

Training outings in Hendaye on Figaro 1 started in January 2019 and it’s
a real success! All club members appreciate these friendly weekends which
allow progress thanks to the skipper present to train them. Some were able to gain sufficient autonomy on the water to be able to manage a boat in a regatta and for everyone this is an opportunity to train all together. This new contract has worked very well, we hope to keep it going for a long time.

The club made a total of 6 outings with between 5 and 15 participants and participated in the Race Edhec cruise (6 people), TSGED (5 people) and the Naval School Grand Prix (5 people). The team really appreciated these very different regattas and complementary.

Edhec cruise race: It depended on the races but on average in the middle of the classification

TSGED: 9 th out of 12

GPEN: 36 th out of 44

Since the start of the school year, the number of club members has increased a lot, sailing is very
popular among the 2022 promo.

Course Croisière EDHEC

And that's where the SST arrived at Sables d'Olonne for this 51st EDHEC Cruise Race!

We discovered on Saturday our boat Orion and met our super skipper Gaëlle, we are at the tooooop! The atmosphere is at the rendezvous and the week promises to be sporty and festive!

Thanks again to all the donors and our sponsors without whom we could not have left for this adventure that promises to be phenomenal!


09/04 First day of regatta:

Even with an average start we finish strong and we rank 12th of the day!

Despite the rain and the cold of the morning we remained motivated and well rewarded by the bright sun on the way home!
We arrived at the port at 8:45 pm after leaving at 10 am, a hell of a day !!

Today departure for La Rochelle for the port stopover tonight ...
The salt breeze


11/04 Third day of regatta:

After 13 hours of sailing between La Rochelle and Les Sables we finish in the first part of the ranking by crossing the line 22h43!
This little getaway was very pleasant and many of the crew members had their first night nav

Pasta concocted by our adorable skipper warmed us and inflated to block for the end of the regatta!

Today we are back at Les Sables for shorter regattas under the sun and the wind, ideal day in perspective ...


13/04 Hi lékip!
Short recap of the last 2 days of regatta! We had the chance to sail under a big and beautiful April sun for the day of Saint Stanislaus
The race was of course built type and all went well for the OSH Apollos.
Despite some small difficulties sending spinnaker, they stayed the course and were able to raise the bar.
Friday's more shy day meant rest for the crew. The wind was unfortunately not at the rendezvous, the engine rocked the return of the sailors.
This marked the end of our homeric adventures and put an end to an unforgettable week that would remain forever in the memory of our tender crew. <3

Tchoupi AKA Hercules for SST.
Kisses of love.


15/04 And here is the CEC it's finished sniff ...

We spent an amazing week full of encounters and beautiful sailing under spinnaker as close up!

We return tanned (cramés? Cc André-xav Dirac Sicard), memories full of the head and a little nostalgic of this 51st CEC.

Thanks again to those who supported us for this project and we hope that OHS will be present at the next edition!

The salt breeze ⛵️

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Sports Tournament of the Grandes Ecoles de la Defense 2k18

This weekend, the Supaéro Sailing Team was in Brest to defend its colors during the tournament of the grandes écoles de la défense, whose sailing event was held at the naval school.

Arrived on Thursday evening after 8h of road, the crew is welcomed on the campus of the naval school for a weekend of madness. The regatta starts on Friday morning in good weather and average wind on J80, new support for the crew of Supaéro. The first runs are complicated for the first time crew, and there is a lack of knowledge of the support. The maneuvers do not always go very well but the speed is good. Supaéro finishes the first two rounds 8th and 6th out of 12 crews. Without dismay, they start the third race, determined to show their qualities. Arrived first at the buoy in the wind, they continue on their good momentum and finish the second run! This is a second place that resonates as a victory for the crew that has been preceded only by ENSTA Bretagne, great ruler for two years of this tournament. The heats follow each other and the Supaéro Sailing Team tries to reach the first places with more or less success. We will remember another round in second position and a fourth place. The day ends with a nice tour of the sector by the number 1 that fails to fall into the water when spinnaker spi. After seven races, the crews return to anchorage. Supaéro finishes 6th out of 12 crew for the 4-point Friday night of the Naval Academy, ranked fourth, the podium remains playable. Saturday morning the wind is more shy but two races are still planned and the Supaero Sailing Team is more than ever up to show his skills on the water and fly fourth place to their rivals Brest. Rocking transfers, empennages under spinnaker, the warm-up is complete and everything is ready to attack the remontada. Unfortunately the weak and uneven wind prevents the race committee from launching the heats and the crews go home empty handed. Supaéro finished 6th out of 12 teams and 4th out of 7 schools represented.

Disappointed to stay at the foot of the podium but delighted with their weekend and progress on the water, the crew takes advantage of the end of the weekend to visit the around and learn the surf before returning to Toulouse. In any case, we would like to thank the race committee and the Naval Academy for their hospitality and organization. Many thanks also to our school ISAE Supaéro for their support. And a big congratulations to all the crews we met. We'll meet you next week-end for student sails from Le Havre !!!

Selective Championship of French University (La Rochelle) 01/2018

This weekend (27-28 / 01) the Supaéro Sailing Team launched its 2018 season in La Rochelle with the first selective for the French University Championship. With no less than 3 crews present, the goal was above all to introduce the regatta to new members of the team and allow others to regain their marks on the water. The light conditions lent themselves perfectly to this objective since the wind oscillated between 3 and 7 knots on Saturday before forcing 10 knots on Sunday, making it easier to take control of the boats.

Each crew also experienced a lot of hassle between a spinnaker halyard stuck at the masthead for Supaéro 2, a man overboard for Supaéro 1 and a broken guy for Supaéro 3.

In the end our three crews finish on equal points and share the places from 5 to 7 out of 8 crews entered. What we will remember especially is the good progress that has taken place over the weekend and the good times spent together that motivate us more than ever for the regattas to come !!!

A big thank you to the entire team of Suapse Sailing for the organization and congratulations to the University of Poitiers for its victory!

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2017 appraisal

The sailing club of ISAE-SUPAERO consists of two activities: light sailing and heavy sailing.



Light sailing consists of training young students to practice catamaran or dinghy on the lake of Ganguise. The sailing club La Ganguise closes in winter and the outings take place from March to October. This year, we were able to bring many people sailing, including people who had never done so. This year, Charles Thoulon, Olivier Demoly, Edmond Chaussidon, Kevin Lobbens, Emeline Valette, Charlotte Cormouls-Houlès, Luc Lefort, Quentin Caradec, Marie Rebiere, Maximilian De Pommerol, Gabriel Payen and Pia Mathias also took part. We also have some 4A who came back on the lake at the beginning of the year like Paul, Wiliam Jussiau, Ruben Fuentes or Gabin Mottal. Regarding the 1A, we were able to take only Quentin Abeille. The unfavorable weather conditions did not favor the outings on Thursday afternoon but it will be necessary in the future to communicate more upstream of the exits. As such, I created a Facebook group to facilitate outings in the future. We are happy with the partnership with La Ganguise, which allows sailing to be cheaper. If the number of people involved in the outings is large, we still had 4 people who benefited from the refunds, so there are motivated elements. We were also able to participate in regattas on the Ganguise Lake and I think that it can allow people to discover sailing in competition before embarking on the search for sponsors for a CEC for example. It will therefore be necessary in the future to promote more this type of events.



We were able to participate in 3 regattas this year. We participated in 2 regattas of the Coupe de France Etudiants (CFE) Grand Surprise and the CCE.



We quickly started sponsoring research. We first participated in different contests to win sponsors. We participated first of all in the Bop it Challenge. It will be necessary in the future to stay on the lookout for this kind of contest that can eventually find sponsors. We missed one this year. Here are the different scholarships that exist:

• The Total Scholarship

• Amaris contest

• Atlantic group competition to make the longtze

We then devoted ourselves to looking for sponsors a little more traditional with making a brochure and canvassing by the alumni network but also by visiting companies.

Do not forget the communities but you have to check the dates to make the requests.

Try to make a request to the ISAE-SUPAERO communication department and see with them to correct the brochure but also have the banners at the time of the regattas.

No action was really successful and we had to seek the help of the school to participate in the Edhec Cruise Race (CCE).



Our alumni participated in a first regatta in Marseille in January 2017 in Marseille. We ended up on a common stage in La Rochelle in February and we ended with a stage at La Trinité sur mer. Each time, it was a good time. We enjoyed the time spent on the water and they allowed us to roam the crew for the CCE because the CFE was held in Grand Surprise. We were able to weld the different members and the exchanges between the different promotions were interesting. We have met members of the sailing club on different generations and this will allow to forge new partnerships in the future.



We finally managed to complete a budget with the help of the AS to minimize the personal investment of team members to participate in the 49th Edhec Cruise Race. We are delighted to have been able to participate in such an event. We were able to sail for almost a week without interruption and this is a real chance. At the sports level, we were able to show beautiful things. Thus, we still finish in the first half of the rankings and we also won a round what other committed student teams have never managed to do. However, there remains work at the level of maneuvers. It might be interesting to try to make maneuvering briefings during the year given the number of videos available on the subject. We can regret the lack of understanding of the school vis-à-vis our project, which gives us a budget but do not excuse us missed courses by our participation.



After the CCE, we tried to remobilize to make the transition with the 2018 season. We modified the brochure and created a website. We signed a partnership with WeSwap but unfortunately it did not succeed ... It will be necessary in the future to relaunch Grégoire Baggio alumni. In this regard we made a little history of the presidents of the sailing club to find possible sponsors.

We also had 500 euros from Société Générale for next season.



I list below the various regattas existing in France and may interest us.

• Trophy of the island peeled at the beginning of the year



• SPI OUEST FRANCE: March 29th to April 2nd

• TRINIDAD ON SEA Easter week-end. Mythical regatta with a good level

• SNIM: March 30th to April 2nd in Marseille: the SPI OUEST FRANCE counterpart in the Mediterranean

• SPI DAUPHINE 14/21 APRIL. It lasts a week and it falls during our holidays, and brings together 600 students, including many University Paris Dauphine. It's in the Mediterranean

• CCE 21/29 April in BREST: More than 3000 students for a week of sailing in Brittany


• NAVAL SCHOOL GRAND PRIX: 8 to 12 May 2017 super regatta in Brest harbor

• CHALLENGE OF MIDSHIPS: sail on old super sailing rigs according to the 4A.

To facilitate the recruitment I asked for a budget to participate in a regatta in October in order to motivate more easily the new admitted to what can be a weekend of regatta.

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2017 EDHEC Cruise Race

After a big investment of its members to collect the necessary funds for registration, the Supaero Sailing Team was able to participate in the 49th edition of the CEC.


Results: 12th boat out of 26. And a race win, only 100% student crew to have achieved this performance. It must be remembered that this big event sees every year many professional skippers mingle in the fight.

Congratulations to all for your investment and your performance.

28/03/15 : supaero fini 1er ex aequo, Coupe de France Etudiante

This weekend, the Supaero Sailing Team left for La Rochelle to play the third and final stage of the French Cup Students. The previous stages in Le Havre and Marseille left Supaero tied for first place with ISEP in the provisional standings. So with a lot of pressure we went to the Rochelais coast ...


The 15 established nodes of Saturday allowed the 12 crews involved to run 3 heats.
The first after a very successful start, allows us to finish 1st. During the second start, a tactical error made us start 10th, but the efforts of the entire crew allowed us to go up to 3rd place, doubling the ISEP on the very last lengths. If the start of the last race of the day was successful, a technical problem makes us lose 6 places, but despite the few places regained on the end, we finished 7th.
The provisional ranking of the day is very positive, we are ranked 3rd and in front of the ISEP!
On Sunday, gusts of more than 30 knots being announced, the race committee will launch only one round. But our boat, with 7 team members, including Paul injured in the shin, had more trouble than the ISEP to withstand the breeze: The 8 teammates of ISEP then won the round leaving us in 4th place.

ISEP and Supaero have finished the competition with the same number of points (8 each), but the rules want that in case of a tie, the crews are decided according to the result at the last leg.
It is therefore a very nice 2nd place that Supaero won at the 2015 French Cup Students by finishing 4th (ISEP 3rd) of the last stage.

So we left disappointed to miss so little first place, but proud to have fought to the end, and especially ready to take our revenge on the ISEP for future competitions!


Amédée for the Supaero Sailing Team

10/02/15: SUPAERO Winner of the 1st stage of the CFE in Marseille and the price of the atmbiance!

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