Practical information

  • President (2020) : Samuel Delescluse (

  • Schedule : Week-end

  • Places/Clubs : Lake Ganguise


If you are told that in 26 minutes from the campus you can reach the most windy spot in France (the Ganguise RPZ !!), that it is every week, that you like or love the board, and that it is completely FREE (gear and courses all levels !!), what more ?! Always more ride!

Club information

2017 appraisal

The windsurfing section of Supaéro, is a club whose primary objective is to allow the discovery and practice of this activity to students.

The main activity of the club is the organization of weekends in collaboration with the University of Paul Sabatier (UPS). This partnership was renewed at the beginning of the year with the payment of 1,250 €, thus allowing the students of Supaéro to benefit from the material and the courses provided by the UPS for free! Thus the club is accessible to all members wishing to learn windsurfing or improve, all this on one of the most windy water bodies in France and only 30 minutes from Toulouse: La Ganguise.

The beginning of the club season went very well, there was a new interest in this sport with many people wishing to learn windsurfing. Thus the efforts made to revive the club, after a start of the year in April quite disappointing, have borne fruit. However the number of places awarded by Paul Sabatier University being limited to 5, it was necessary to make a choice. In order to stay in the philosophy of the AS which is to initiate and empower the members, we have set up a "moral contract" engaging the members of the club wishing to practice windsurfing with Paul Sabatier to achieve a minimum three outings, to create a dynamic of learning and evolution.

In addition several outings were made outside the agreement with Paul Sabatier, using the equipment of the club as well as the advantageous prices that we can have on the hiring of the material thanks to the partnership of the club sailing and the nautical base of the Ganguise.

Thus this second part of the year is very encouraging in comparison with the resumption of the beginning of the year. So I hope that this dynamic and the motivation of the members of the club will continue.

That's why I chose Arthur ESPINOZA to take care of the club during the year 2018, because he is the best able to manage the club.


AS ISAE Supaéro
10 Avenue Edouard Belin - BP 54032
Toulouse CEDEX 4

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