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2017 Appraisal

Women's team appraisal

This 2017-2018 season began with recruitment during the integration period. We are rather satisfied because we have recruited 6 1A, an AST 2A, and 4 masters (including 2 PGMs who are leaving now). Unfortunately, we did not manage to recover the 4A that started 2A football, and we lost Charlotte who stopped doing 3 sports. We are currently a team of 21 people. It is likely that we recruit other 1A, because some seem interested after hearing from friends that the atmosphere in the team is nice. A 3A should also come back because she comes to training in Toulouse from January.

This year, we changed coaches because Gilles Calinski learned at the last moment that he was no longer available this year. So we currently have for coach Philippe Mauriès, who also coaches the men's team. We have one training a week, Wednesday from 18h to 19h30, like last year. This schedule is sometimes a problem because it is at the same time as the Conferences conference module, but we try to do with the administration so that there are conferences at other times. We have been ten on average at the beginning of the year. We were very numerous at the beginning of the year, before there were injuries and the exams on Thursday did not reduce the number.

The first game of the year took place during the 2017 Supont'Heros tournament, and we continued the tradition of victory. We were then able to participate in a re-entry tournament organized by the FFSU, during which we lost a match. This allowed not to demotivate new recruits, who are also very good players even if they are beginners! The team is again registered with the FFSU for this year. We have about 1 game per week (2x25mn) since November. Our games have always been scheduled on Thursday afternoon, when a lot of players are busy, so we have a hard time playing games (we have to play at 8, but we had to play 7 times). We hope to have matches at other times for the new hen phases in September. For now, we made a draw (in the continuation of the first games of the year), then 3 losses. We notice that our level is improving, but we have a hard time making it feel in the scores. We hope we will do better in the next games. We do not have bad players, and this allows the team to stay welded and in a good mood in any situation.

The atmosphere is very important for us. We really felt like we had a strong team last year, and we wanted to integrate the new players. So we decided to make personalized soccer jerseys with our nicknames on it. We also had a meal together with men's football recently.

For the rest of the year, we hope to improve the results of the games, and participate in several sports tournaments, during which we generally have better results than FFSU. Normally a team leaves for the Centrale Lyon Challenge, and we should participate in the EAG. We will also have to find the future captain to continue to make this club live, then make the handover, with the men's team a weekend in February. We hope to continue the good mood in this club, while progressing in technique.


Men's team appraisal

Results of this first part of the season:

- Team 1 (Super Excellence, Pool 1): 5 games, 0 wins, 1 draw, 4 defeats, 5 goals scored, 18 conceded, 6th / 6. - Team 2 (Excellence, Pool 1): 6 games, 1 win, 0 draw, 5 losses, 2 sets, 11 goals scored, 21 conceded, 6th / 7.

Team 1 is relegated to Excellence, Team 2 is relegated to Honor.

First part of the season complicated for the two teams of the CCC, which (like last year) find themselves relegated to lower division. It will be necessary to carry out a second part of solid season to find the higher echelon. Training attendance was very high in the beginning, then decreased to become relatively stable for a while (50 people on average at the beginning of the year, between 20 and 30 since the campaigns).

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2016/17 season start

In this autumn of 2016, campaign time at ISAE, the 11 of the owl, more commonly called SFC, made his return by moving to his nearest neighbor and rival: the INSA.

After a friendly first match against a league team and a very satisfying performance, Team 1 of the SFC arrives confident of its strength to face the INSA Team 2. The team is almost completely renewed compared to the previous season. Former President Megel is gone and so are all of these promo comrades. Only survivors on the match sheet; Le Moulec celebrates it before center, Koke and Lentaigne our cadors, and finally Captain Petitnicolas. For the rest, the team consists of old breakers (our friends 4A), a new kid (Floquet), the others have stayed at home because of campaigns, and finally and especially our friends the Spanish in large numbers at kickoff.
Sunny weather, ideal conditions, the kick-off is given by Mrs Referee Cadinot.
Beginning of a one-sided match, the SFC dominates his head and shoulders his opponent who can not get out of his half of the field. The midfielder composed of Lentaigne, Ohlmann and Santamaria is doing the job at recovery and it is the whole team that feels it. Then little by little the opposing team leaves the head of the water and raises the balloon. It was without counting on the collective team. The ball circulates well, it goes on one side, it goes on the other. And then Le Moulec (author of a first half worthy of Cavani in terms of efforts and races) receives the ball on the left side, serves Cabezuelo in the depth. El Pichichi does not pray twice: he imposes himself with disconcerting ease in his duel with the shoulder with the defender and goes to beat the goalkeeper. 1-0 for visitors !!!!
The match continues and the 11 of the owl regains control of the ball. On a corner that follows almost immediately the opening of the score, the ball is poorly cleared by the opponents. Marin was at 16.50 m and released a half-volley of the wrong foot that takes the path of the small net opposite: enough to make pale the great Zizou ...... And 2-0 !!!!!
The rest of this half is only domination and on a new possesion, Santamaria receives a ball in the penalty area and sends the leather in the skylight of a magnificent outside of the foot. 3-0 then 4-0 on a new goal of Cabezuelo in stride on a new face to face with the keeper. The latter will even allow a dive just before half-time, without success.
4-0 is also the half-time score.

4 changes are decided by the coach to rotate the team. Opponents also change their composition. The recovery is complicated for the SFC, as a lack of freshness is felt and the INSA takes the opportunity to gain confidence and finally put his game. But the blue and white team is equal and the game is balanced. the opponents get some light opportunities but nothing alarming. The SFC also has several chances but a cruel lack of lucidity is felt ..... Marin removes a head of Petitnicolas who went straight to the goal and Le Moulec does the same with a shot from Floquet .. The SFC is there no longer really but manages to preserve the lead keep the score acquired in the first half.

FINAL SCORE: 4-0 for Supaéro Football Club! Several lessons to remember from this match but especially the 3 points for our entry in the running.

Next game: Wednesday 30/11 cotnre ENAC on their field at 20:30. We count on your support !!!!


2016 Appraisal

Boys' Team 1 Wins Massilia Sun Ball! In the FFSU championship, they reach the eighth finals of Super Excellence.

Team 2, meanwhile, went to the quarter-finals of the championship of excellence.

The girls win the title at the EAG.

Foot F EAG 2016

What a victory ... But what a match! Of course I'm talking about the SFC girls in the EAG final against Madrid :)

Let's start with a little overview of the tournament.
Thursday, first tough game against Madrid that ends in a 3-0 defeat. We go on with a match against ENAC, where the team shows their technical progress and wins 5-0 against ENAC (but loses the right ankle of the captain). To finish the day, despite a reduced team, the girls fight but lose 1-0 against ENSMA.
Friday, the time of the revenge rang against the ENSMA. The game is brilliant, it was the best game of the year, and the desire is there, the result too: 3-0 win. This match was marked by a magnificent free kick by Gourgues, impressing all the fans, and by the first goal of Canonni!

We are then qualified for the final against Madrid. The stakes are high and the difficulties too. The sun is at the rendezvous, this Saturday morning, however the girls are not in top form and the Vivant coach is missing. Fortunately Megel is there to motivate the troops and to remind us that "a final is won! ". Schuler and Vuillemot, injured, are on the bench to support their team.

The first minutes are supaerial, the presence of Gourgues as a middle, which was illustrated in one of his other sports in the first game, destabilizes the opponent. With the help of other circles Cannoni and Dianous, she goes back the ball for our attacking Gourlaouen who tries to pass this Spanish defense. However, the Spanish are tough and recover all the balls. We see the huge progress that the team has made since the beginning of the year and this tournament, the game is fast and balanced. Cannoni, a small ball full of éMergy is everywhere and does not hesitate to help the defense already very solid. This one, made up of Le Clerc and Mergy, intercepts the Spanish bullets more and more aggressive and, thanks to beautiful passes in depth, makes them go up to the mediums. The latter run a lot, which requires frequent changes with Vavoda, who gives everything on the field. While Gourlaouen gets a ball from Gourgues and tries to pass the middle of the field, a Madrilenian stops the ball and wants to pass it to his teammate, it's not counting on the tenacity of our tip that intervenes and is hit full whip by the bullet on the left eye. Luckily, he will be left at the end of the game, a beautiful purple makeup on the eyelid.

At half-time, Megel can not find anything wrong, we have to continue like this. The match resumes with a new composition, De Dianous passes in peak, the time that Gourlaouen finds the sight, and Kahil enters defense, in the highest form. The game is more complicated for the girls of the owl, the Spanish have many opportunities but it is not counting on Martin who, with the complicity of the posts, prevents any goal. The tension rises, the Spanish are striving but neither of the teams loose. The passes of Vavoda and De Dianous are precise, add to that the power of Gourgues, the match is delicious to watch. A few minutes from the end, Gourgues recovers the ball, made a pass to De Dianous centering on Gourlaouen, alas she can not fit, pressed by the opponents. This beautiful action filled us with hope for the end of the match and kept the team going.

Extensions are marked by many lifts on one side or the other showing the level similarity between the two teams.
And there, Gourlaouen who dreamed of it the day before feels less serene when this grand finale ends on penalties! The pressure goes up another notch. The Spaniards start and score, Vavoda shoots first for the owl but does not fit, Martin dives to intercept a shot, and then Gourgues draws such power near a post that the goalkeeper has no hope of stopping him . Madrid then remarks The Clerc pulls on the right post, just like the Spanish who follows. Gourlaouen puts Megel's advice into practice, she fakes a shot on the left and finally fires on the right of the keeper! 2 everywhere, stress is at its height. The captain of Madrid is preparing to shoot but misses his shot that is not framed, it is the turn of Cannoni whose shot is captured. Now it's sudden death, Martin does not weaken under pressure and gets the first Spanish ball, it's then Mergy to shoot .... And there, the quiet central defender Mergy pulls and scores !!!! His first goal of the season allows us to win the win !!! The emotion is at its height!

This match was without a doubt the match of the year in terms of emotions. At the start of the EAG, winning against Madrid was in the order of the dream, but the efforts paid off, the desire and the motivation were stronger, the team has matured during these matches and this victory they have deserved! My only regret is to have been injured in the second game, thank you to the team for supporting me because staying on the bench was more than frustrating, but I can only be very very proud of my team! ! Those who had almost never touched a round ball 8 months ago are now European champions! Thanks again to our super coaches, our babysitter Martin who was named woman of the match, and all our supporters! And especially congratulations to this team that has given us play and emotion in these 5 games.

Football EAG 2016


Episode 1 - The wet chickens.

This year, SFC M has the opportunity to achieve a great performance at EAG. The team is mature, hungry and worn by presidents in hunger for victories. If the state of mind and level of players are at their peak, the infirmary still has some talent that will happen.

1st match: SFC - ROME

The kickoff of this vandetta match for Gilles and Philippe's men is the end of a nameless victimization by the Italians at the EAG. The SFC holds the bar in the first half but is unnecessarily scared on incongruous actions that the Italian have almost taken advantage to get ahead. It's the beginning of the first half, when stress diarrhea and other labors are released to gradually give way to the Italian defeat. We can see only the SFC in front of the most dangerous balloons, without success so far.

The second half changes the face of the meeting. The release of the brave Elias and Ait-Ameur has undoubtedly lost half a star to the note of the Blues FIFA 16, but yet it is good without the 11 of the owl will open the scoring thanks to Chaibi who, d a control strikes chained, whips the pork bladder into the offensive basket, the keeper remained placid, right on his guibolles. The hard part is done, so much sterile domination worked the temper of the Blues. It will not be long before Maneval, high on Berthelon's corner, oozes a wet sock after a usual scramble of the great matches of Super Excellence Foot M. It is 2-0 and we will stay there for this meeting has a chocolate taste. What a beginning of competition for the blues and whites.

2nd match: ENSMA - SFC

After the only performance of the men of Philippe and Gilles, the ENSMA is in the pants and dare to show to assess their level. It is by a package that the SFC is first in the pool with 8 points (4pts victory, 2 pts the draw and 1 pt defeat) with a goal-average of 5! Clean.

The wimp of the episode: ENSMA

Foot M : 12/02/15 Match  Summary


Dear fans of the SFC, Today was the first game of 2015, against the kines that we already knew and against whom we had already made a flat draw (1-1) in the first leg. It's an unexpected 0-0 that ends this frustrating game.
The SFC approaches this meeting with a 4-1-2-1-2 specially concocted by our dear Patrick who knows how to be present when Gilles goes on vacation (or believes that we are on vacation ..). The team suffers from absentees like Chanfray and Come who preferred to play the game on FIFA, or Neeraj because of personal problems that we forgive of course. The frame is drawn up.
The first half is very encouraging as the club of our heart dominates the debates. Surely more than a dozen strikes and a lot of situations that we fail to achieve .. The captain still draws free-kick in the wall, Beligond magnifying a huge face to face with the keeper costing him an injury to Shoulder, Heulhard misses the frame several times and even the right-back Maneval misses a shot on the wrong foot At the half-time one thing is certain: we will not be trapped and we will put this goal quickly.
In the second half, the kines come back with ambition and manage to develop their game, alerting, although by far, the goalkeeper Marc who remained lucid until the end. Fortunately, Gouasmi (arrived with a delay of a half anyway) joins his teammates and is doing well offensively: the SFC resumes the game on his own but he will still lack the accuracy in the last gestures.
Notwithstanding the overwhelming frustration we all feel, there is a fairly exemplary team spirit for this CFS that needs to be challenged more individually than collectively. The defense was intractable. With a little work in front of goal for us forwards, and especially more assiduity in training, we should tap any of the team's next opponents to the owl. I expect you to be fit and motivated, but especially hard at training after the holidays.

Foot M: Difficult start of the season for the SFC but we do not give up! 11/2014

It has been a few weeks since the CFS season started, and while team spirit and team spirit are building up over time, the CFS is still looking for its first win of the season.

The preparation of the team went very well, during the pre-season matches against Ensica (1-0 win) and the Bridges et Chaussées (3-1 win), new "cracks" emerged ( Lebecque, Maneval, Megel, Heulhard, Braguier and many others).

But the reality of a championship, where the application, commitment and aggression must be full, coupled with the absences of some executives, may have surprised the Supaerian training.

On October 16, the SFC faced KINE in Cazal Lapujage, in a heat of lead, the team failed to maintain its lead through the skull of our beloved Beligond, whose generosity in the effort was rewarded as he must. Final result: 1 - 1.

On November 6th, it was the turn of INSA 4 at Supaéro. Faced with a team 4, which was more like a team of friends than a real team 4, the blues have struggled in the physical commitment in the first half. 1 - 0 at half-time then 2 - 0 at the 65th for INSA. But in the difficulty, the team was not discouraged and redoubled efforts to reduce the mark to 2 - 1 via the tireless (but really ...) Quentin Jacob on corner. But just minutes from the end, INSA 4 was killing the game with a third.
Final result: 1 - 3 defeat.

The president, Ayoub

University Championship Final 05/2014

The ISAE Football team played Thursday, May 15 the final of the University Football Championship against the monstrous Mirail team. Heavy defeat 7 to 0 ....

"Our last two league games ended in two defeats (2-3 and 2-4), we knew them better than us on paper but not invincible, and yet we have never been able to worry them. The absence of our star striker Alamine Dairou weighed ... More the score was getting longer and our fighting spirit was decreasing, even the luck we lacked as on this bar which deprived Koch Regis to score the goal of the honor in the 2nd half -time.

The opponent, much more sharp, much stronger and with a quality workforce, deserves their victory. We must congratulate them. "

Ayoub, respo Supaéro.