Practical information

Supaero Golf Club

Do not you know what birdie, bunker and draw mean?
Or are you a golf enthusiast?
The Club Golf de Supaéro is here for you and will allow you to find the right path (fairway).
To begin or improve, ISAE offers you to come train all weekend. Professionally supervised lessons and access to the compact course will allow you to discover golf and improve your performance.
18 holes outings will also be proposed to develop your talents and enjoy the landscape!
Without forgetting the many university competitions, fantastic opportunity to discover the golfs of the Toulouse area for free!

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2019 Appraisal

First of all, the golf club has mainly two objectives:

• allow students to learn golf
• allow students to play golf regularly

This year was a continuation of the year 2018. In total, four courses
groups were organized, each bringing together between five and eight students
who for the most part had never played golf. Then two players were able to
participate in FFSU competitions on Thursday afternoon which allowed them
to discover the other golf courses in the region. The club also allowed one
of them to participate in several competitions like that of EDHEC
or at great prices in the Toulouse region. Some students
(four), took advantage of the new offer of the club de la Ramée, namely the subscription
monthly Swing4U. It gives them access to the golf courses of la ramée and the
right to take lessons with La Ramée teachers. So it's an excellent
way for them to start golf. Finally, several players continued
to practice golf regularly by doing courses or training
on practices.

2017 Appraisal

Reminder of the functioning and values ​​of the club

The golf club Supaéro, the golf section of the sports association Supaéro, is a club for the discovery and practice of golf for students. Group sessions for up to 12 people on Sunday were negotiated with La Ramée golf course, and took place on Sunday, April 30, May 14 and 28, from 3 pm to 4 pm (each session costs 100 euros, whatever the number of participants) as well as Sunday, September 24, October 8 and 22 from 14h to 15h followed by a compact course (not included in the course), suitable for all levels of play, depending on weather conditions and motivations of participants.

Other sessions, without a teacher, allow to train but also to start (I was a teacher): practice (long shots), approaches, putting (short shots on the green) and compact course. Some 18 holes and 9 holes have allowed the most advanced students to practice on a real course. It should be noted that many outings are spontaneous, depending on the weather and availability of students.

The vast majority of these sessions take place at La Ramée golf course, the closest to Supaéro (13 km), southwest of Toulouse. (There are two courses there, a compact course, accessible to all levels and 18 holes (a minimum level of play is required to play)). The output spectrum is wide and targets both novices and experienced players. The revival of the club this year is a success, the participating students are motivated and I only have positive feedback. Some started with the club and now have a level of play to be autonomous on a golf course. The compact course costs 13 euros (student price) and the 18-hole course 44 euros at weekends and 37 euros during the week.

Concretely for the payment of the courses, the AS pays the courses then the president of the golf section recovers the money that the participants must pay for each session then makes a check to the sports association of Supaéro. For compact courses and 18 holes, students pay and are reimbursed by the president of the golf section who receives a check for all refunds (this avoids the multiplication of checks and travel to the office of the sports association for small are). Bale bucket fees for training are reimbursed by two-thirds, but carpool fees are borne by students, because of the proximity of golf with Supaéro. There is no dues system for the club.

Sports results

The Open FFSU are more university matches than competitions with a ranking, these competitions being free, it is a great way to make a first great course at lower cost.
Lyon Centrale Challenge: Steffen Harm and Charles-Antoine Chevrier (Gold Medal for the duet)
Open 8 FFSU: Charles-Antoine Chevrier
Open 9 FFSU: Charles-Antoine Chevrier Individual Academy Championship
Open 10 FFSU: Tom Ovens, Marc Boursin and Charles-Antoine Chevrier

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