Practical information

Come and test our pool !

You had abandoned the swimming pool? It's time to recover!

Beginner or sports, our coaches adapt to all levels. Among the competitions, there are of course the university competitions, but especially the mythical Challenge Centrale Lyon.

New university record for our swimmers !!

This Thursday, December 6, 2018 the club Swimming participated in the "Night of Swimming" which grouped as each year different schools Toulouse (Staps, ENAC, UPS, ...).
The goal? Swim the longest distance possible in one hour by taking turns every 50m.


Mission could not be more successful by the team: 6030m were covered and new academic record to the key!
Despite the cramps and other muscles under lactic acid, everyone gave their all and gave voice to encourage others.
We can not wait to be next year to improve this record!

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2017 appraisal

The swimming club has 2 training slots per week: Monday from 8 pm to 9:30 pm and Wednesday from 8:15 pm to 9:45 pm. There is a slight 15-minute change on Wednesday from last year's schedule. We have two super coaches from ASPTT Toulouse succeed each other to teach. Philippe, fifty on Monday, dynamic, which leaves little rest and does a lot of work. It is often a good fortnight on Monday and it happens without problems to manage the 3-4 groups of different swimmers, spread over the 6 lines. On Wednesday, it's Guillaume, a 28-year-old who trains us. It is often less, rarely more than 10. So it fits training come out of the ordinary and become fun.

The swimming club has several roles and objectives: to allow beginners to learn to swim under the watchful eye of a coach who adapts to the level, to give the opportunity to intermediaries to improve and confirmed 'go looking for performances. The most densely populated group is the intermediaries, and it is often they who show the most motivation, it is beautiful to see.

We always have the full pool. In any case, this allows to divide the group according to the levels and objectives of the session, while having the comfort of being 3-4 per line of water to the maximum. It's not uncommon to be alone in your line on Wednesdays. This may be unfortunate elsewhere, because the attendance is not maximum. This is the characteristic of an individual sport: everyone follows his own pace and there is no account to be given to anyone, to the team ... So even if we are not enormously trained, not bad swimmers have already come more than 5 times.

Club hats were made last year by Arthur Fezard, who has ordered a hundred and sold about 80. All club textiles are paid by the swimmers themselves. The twenty or so remaining hats are sold as and when I am asked, at the price of 8 €.

The club has free equipment ISAE (boards, pullboy, fins, pads), and therefore does not need for the moment to invest in equipment. Besides, the club does not have any equipment. This year, the club did not make a budget request to AS. The planned budget was not even touched, no expense was made.

The club's budget is allocated to the coaches, but here it is M.Strifele who takes care of the contracts with their employer.

In terms of competitions, we will be able to participate to the FFSU days from January 19, to the number of 2. I have not made a promo yet, but the thirty euros to pay could cool some.

We participated at the beginning of the year at the water night at the campus swimming pool. It is a team, to travel as far as possible in 1 hour, in the form of relay 50 meters. We were 13, very encouraging, where we were 8-9 last year and could only participate in 30 minutes. We made 5300 meters and finished 3rd out of 6 teams if my memories are good.

The team should be represented at the Centrale Lyon Challenge, perhaps the TSGED. Indeed, for the TSGED, we would need 4 girls according to the regulation, and a dozen swimmers in all. For now, we would be 5-6 boys motivated to participate, but 0 girl. And the presence of Challenge Centrale Lyon at the same time kills all hopes of bringing girls. So unless there is an obligation to introduce girls, it seems to be compromised.

When we see the number of people swimming on campus, we can sometimes regret the lack of students who come to the training, but it is certain that the free opening, to everyone, of the swimming pool every day. 11h to 19h decreases the number of club swimmers. Indeed, many refuse to return home too late at night, or they do not find schedules schedules. Knowing that we have coaches at our disposal, I find it a shame that some do not benefit, probably self-censorship, not considering himself good enough, while it is not a problem.

Regarding the people who are present and invested in training and competitions, we can look forward to finding a lot of masters, which are very well integrated. The big downside is that no 1A has followed training regularly. The most assiduous came 5 times. This does not prevent that there is quality among the 1A and that the 3 who were present at the night of the water are very good swimmers. But their absence is explained by the choice of Water Polo, health problems but also necessarily campaigns. Similarly in 2A, we are 2 maximum. Only the 4A go back to the statistics of the "classic" SUPAERO-ENSICA present at the training sessions.

I proposed to Sofiane Delpech to take my succession: he accepted. He is a very good swimmer and I hope that being president will motivate him to compete.