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If you have always dreamed of being the freestyle world champion in free fall, the parachute club of Supaéro can help you achieve this by offering you very attractive rates. Discover the happiness of falling to almost 200km / h for a minute at 4000 meters altitude! Strong sensations assured! Only one condition: Blue Sky and No Wind!

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2017 appraisal

The club activity in figures:


- 528 jumps refunded

- 16 PAC reimbursed

- 7 A patents

- 4 B patents

- 4 B1 patents

- 3 B2 patents

-1 D patent

-2 BPA


3 CNAMs are now reimbursed and many polytechnicians who already have PAC training benefit from jumps reimbursed to 2/3.
The club has a good atmosphere, which made it possible to hold the home for a week this year. The money raised will certainly make it possible to reimburse a future award.
However the club suffered from the weather, which was not good. Especially during the first two formations at the beginning of the year, which discouraged some.

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2016 appraisal

This year, part of the training was organized as of October 2015 for some 1A:

5 PAC courses (Progression Accompagnée en Chute) were held and 4 students were able to complete their training this year (2015).

19 training courses have already been started since the beginning of 2016, not counting the 5 PAC training courses carried out in September 2015.

1 additional training is planned for June 11th.

Of these, 9 have already been completed and therefore reimbursed. This is proof of a real craze for activity among our members.

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Week-end parachute of 22 and 23 February 2014

Under Pamier's sun, the Para club enjoyed the perfect weather all weekend long. In the idyllic Pyrenees, nine brave Supaerians have decided to embark on the adventure!

The paraclub gives directly a superb impression: dynamic, young and welcoming. The day begins with a theoretical part to discover the wonderful world of skydiving.


We discover the parachute, the circuit, the knowledge under sail, the reactions to the incidents and the position in exit of plane. Followed by a more practical part with the ground learning of the free fall positions and the rescue procedure. At 17h, the instructors announce us that the sky is ideal for a first jump. The heart rate is accelerating. A drop of sweat runs slowly down the neck. A subtle blend of stress and excitement. Everything happens very quickly: an outfit, a parachute, a helmet and we find ourselves boarding the plane at 4000m altitude. All of a sudden, the door opens in front of us, the wind caresses our face and the shining rays of the sun cross the summit of the high mountains. Two monitors are there to encourage us and take care of our safety. A big breath then we launch into the void ...


A world still unknown awakens our senses. It's a new birth: we're learning to fly! Like a child who takes his first steps, we are focused gesture by gesture. We are out of time, in another world. When the parachute opens, a great relief resonates throughout the body. The head gets up and sees the beautiful landscape at sunset. After a few minutes of pure happiness in the air, we land on the ground of the flying club. With a huge smile on our lips, a single thought invades us:

What time is the next jump ?!


Josh Meurisse, 2nd year student at Supaéro


You will find here the video summary of the weekend:

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