Practical information

Surfing at Supaéro

Beginners or confirmed, the surf club Supaéro can enjoy the proximity of the Basque coast. Come and spend weekends at the capbreton camp as soon as weather conditions allow for free-surfing or taking classes. There is also the Edhec surf trip, an event to take surf lessons or to participate in an inter-school competition.

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After School Contest 2019

Here we are ! The biggest inter-school surf competition organized by Kedge Bordeaux promises to be unforgettable: the conditions are perfect (great sun and sublime waves at the rendezvous during these 4 days). Two teams (8 people) of Supaero made the trip for this competition in front of others ready to join the world elite of surfing. So even if the podium was played in advance, the 2 teams fought to the end. And what about our performance! Our best team finished 5th, and the other 7th (out of 12) Faced with sponsored pros, it's not bad at all!

To sum up this stay, the inter-school atmosphere was crazy, the orga team was on top to treat us all the time. In short, to do it again next year for sure!

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What's better than the EDHEC Surf Trip to launch a season that looks strong in sensation!

This trip went wonderfully well, the organization did great with many extra events (an exceptional Basque strength tournament to which we finished 2nd, beach volley) with many rewards at the end.

Regarding the main sport, the conditions were good to start, those who took classes were glad each morning to be able to surf in these conditions. It was nevertheless a challenge to hold long waves on unfree waves for free surfers, because the waves broke very quickly once formed. It was not a problem however for Timon, who finished 2nd of the competition by crushing the competition (we will retain him as 1st legitimate). A special mention for Alice who was the only girl to participate in this competition.

All the supaerian team was so happy to have participated in this surf trip. In short, we had only one sentence in mind at the end: "When are we going back? »!!!

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Resumption 2018 (22 and 23 September)

And that's it for me!
A short and intense mandate that ended on a good note despite the mixed and mostly uncertain weather conditions. We were able to surf on Friday and Saturday but the waves of 4m and a 30 knot sea wind giving a raging sea put us a big stop this Sunday ...
So we took the opportunity to complete our surf culture by going to see a photo exhibition of a pro surfer on the occasion of the stage of the World Cup and go to admire 2-3 surfers with their guns in the mastodons. All the same, the group was able to progress on Saturday, with the courses and the show offered by the best surfers worldwide a few meters from us.

In short we managed to make the most of this weekend and the participants were able to experience what is the practice of surfing in its entirety, that is to say be subject to the vagaries of the weather ...


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Weekend surfing of June 2018

The rumors were that it was going to be ugly all weekend, however we just had a small part of Saturday a little rainy, the rest of the time was more than honest.

At the wave level, it was pretty incredible so it's nice. For now, it's the best conditions I've surfed since the beginning of the year. Our small team of 6 people (Colas, Dana, Jona, Szteinberg, Norbert and me) is so happy.

It was for Dana and Colas their first time and their progress is already phenomenal (which will be seen on the videos taken with the gopro of the AS) as for the others they were able to perfect their style.

Only downside of the weekend, we had this time a wounded, Dana has a small sprain, nothing serious but painful enough that she can not surf on Sunday ...

In short we did not stop we all kiffé and I can tell you that we are all very slammed. That's what's good!

Good thank you to you for your support and stay tuned!

After school contest 2018

As you will have noticed, we have returned from the After School Contest, which was a great success both on our tan and on the envy we gave in the water.

The weather has been present, with a bright sun and beautiful waves (finally !!). However the results did not follow, the competition being too harsh: several top surfers, including the 150th world and many sponsored surfers were present on the waves.

So we came 7th out of 8 at the competition. The good thing is that we were able to train and be amazed at the prowess of some surfers.
The atmosphere and the organization were also superb. The event was larger than EDHEC Surf Trip (2 to 3 times bigger), the atmosphere was a little less "family".
Overall it was a great weekend, we really enjoyed it, so thank you AS!

On the other hand, a little stealthy weekend was part of it, 4 motivated supaerians warmed themselves to ride in the Basque coast on their side. Everything went well!

EDHEC Surf Trip 2k18

Here we are back from the famous EDHEC Surf Trip which went wonderfully well.


The organization of the EDHEC was quite impressive, they feasted us on the sporting plan but also with all their activities extra surf and their superb prizes and rewards. The conditions were not always optimal, the remnants of winter swells hit hard and the only day of bad weather was a little demotivating.


However, the entire spa team gave their all during the surf lessons and the competition: some discovered, the eyes full of stars, the sport of gliding king and others carried high the colors of Supaero . Timon has indeed won the first place in the competition and won a brand new board, well done!


Finally, everyone really liked the trip, we all took beautiful colors and we all benefited thoroughly from what was proposed to us. In short the surf club has launched its season in the most beautiful ways!

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2017 appraisal

How the activity works

SUPAERO Surf Club, surf section of the sports association of AS ISAE-SUPAERO, is a club whose primary objective is to allow the discovery of this activity to students. The main activity of the club is the organization of weekends on the coasts of the Landes and Basques. This means finding accommodations, usually camping, and for weekends where classes are offered, finding a surf school that can train students. It is also to monitor weather conditions before weekends to be able to adapt the choice of spots at each level, and communicate this information to students.

Outings with courses and freesurfing are organized at Seignosse - Plage, where the club has an informal partnership with the surf school Jerry Surf School and the campsite Cap Océan. Dependence on weather conditions greatly influences the operation of the club. One of the main consequences of this dependence is a cessation of activity in winter, that is to say generally from November to April. The idea underlying the operation of the club is to take advantage of weekends organized at the beginning of the school year (September-October) to allow as many people to discover the practice of surfing, to train for the recovery in the spring a small group of motivated students who will participate in weekends at the end of the school year in order to continue to refine their skills. These same students are also encouraged to participate in the competition that takes place during the EDHEC Surf Trip. This year the AS has granted the section a status of "free surf" that allows the most experienced to come with beginners. This new status facilitates cohesion and the creation of a group spirit.

Thus this operation allows both to introduce to a large number of people the practice of surfing, to train beginners and to create a small group of motivated students who will continue to improve thereafter.


Sports results

The surf club only participated in one competition in 2017: The Edhec Surf Trip organized in mid-April in Vieux Boucau. In small conditions our surfers have managed to bring back good results.

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EDHEC Surf Trip 2017

Twenty Supaerians represented our association during the sixth edition of EDHEC Surf Trip.

The event was held on the Atlantic coast for 5 days where participants were able to enjoy many activities in addition to surfing: Paddle initiation, Koh Lanta course etc ...

Note: the 2nd place of Timon, who won a beautiful surfboard.

Week End surf from 27/09/14 to 04/10

The surf club has chained the two weekends of the first semester to maximize its chances of surfing under the sun.

The first weekend was 14 people in Capbreton. A big group of course, but a lot of motivation. Students from everywhere, a very diverse team, very nice.

Conditions were pretty good, beginners were able to take classes to improve themselves before starting alone afternoons. One of them was so cold-eyed that he was fighting the waves ... breaking the boards!

In addition to a good personal sport session, participants were able to enjoy the Quiksilver Pro France round, which pitted world surfers a few kilometers away. A way to reinflate yourself to get shaken in the rolls!

The second weekend was with a smaller group of 10 people, a little easier and less "inertia" in travel and decision making. Excellent group, good atmosphere. A lot of personal initiatives that energize a weekend. Let's talk about surfing: the conditions were pretty big, a good 2m50. Especially Sunday, where we learned to be beaten by the waves. It's part of learning. A little less fun for beginners, but they did well. It was also the opportunity to test the surfboard "made in Supaero" by Lambert and Robin for their PIR 1A. And I must say that I liked this little girl!

Finally, we ended this weekend by going to take a look at Biarritz, beautiful city!

Anyway, two great weekends that will leave, I think, very good memories to everyone. Thank you AS.

Quentin Bosser