Practical information

Water polo at ISAE

Tired of going for a loser by the pool?

Tired of wading in armbands in front of your friends?

So bring your ball into the mold-cock of the club WATER-POLO!


Come and feel the pool of water during crazy training on Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon. This ISAE team (and yes you will meet the most stylish people Supaéro) will sell you a dream throughout the year. Physical trainings, crazy games and trips for university credits ...


And at the end of the year, the traditional pass Picotin Borriquito Shanghai!

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2017 appraisal

How the activity works
The water polo club has been growing since it was founded six years ago. Its membership is very satisfying and the activity is very pleasing. It's a very rare sport, between handball and swimming, very physical but also very technical. The club allows you to discover a discipline little known to all the volunteers and motivated of the school. This team sport has created a very friendly atmosphere within the club and we still have a lot of exchanges with the former members. Some of them would like to continue playing with us but no longer being a student at ISAE they unfortunately no longer have access to the pool. This atmosphere allows all players, whatever their level, to progress quickly.

The water-polo is not very represented at the university level so we joined the FFN to participate in the Regional Championship Midi-Pyrenees in N4. So we play against clubs such as Stade Toulousain, Tarbes, Auch, Albi ... We also participate in various inter-school tournaments when they offer water polo.

This year, for the first time, the ISAE water polo club has partnered with Stade Toulousain Natation to continue its progression. Founded in 1968, Stade Toulousain Natation is one of the most important swimming and water polo clubs in the Toulouse region with more than 200 members. The objective of this partnership is to pool the resources of the two parties in order to participate actively in the development of the practice of water polo in the Toulouse region and more particularly in the ISAE. Thanks to this partnership, we can play four friendlies and training sessions with Stade Toulousain. This is a real opportunity for our young players to meet experienced players in optimal conditions. In addition, this partnership allows us to benefit from the services of an extremely qualified coach since it is the current coach of Stade Toulousain Water polo.

The training takes place on Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 20:15 at the ISAE pool. We organize a second training on Saturday afternoon from 17h to 18h during which we adapt to the number of people already swimming. If there are people, we do a swimming training, otherwise we do exercises with the balloons but on 3 or 4 lines of water only.


For the 2016/2017 season, the club lost a lot of good players and did not have many substitutes during the tournaments. The results have not been there, but the motivation has always been there and we learned a lot about teams bringing together former players of N3 with high levels. We will note a victory of the club against the Bridges and Roads during Supont'Heros.

This year the N4 championship is divided into two pools to harmonize levels. We will participate in the championship Occitanie N4 Honor with great ambitions since the victories are much more accessible.


The word of the president
I would like to emphasize that the ISAE Water Polo Club appears at the regional level as an engine for the development and popularization of this rather rare sport. We are the only team of the Championship composed of young players, students moreover. This popularization passes through the discovery of this sport offered to members of the school but also to people outside the school during games and Polonat games at which swimming clubs in particular are initiated to the Water- Polo through different activities.

Finally, during the various meetings of the Midi-Pyrénées Regional Committee of the FFN that I was able to attend, the will to develop water polo was strongly expressed by the president of the committee. Contributing to this development seems very important and stimulating for the ISAE Club.